If you are looking for Halloween party decorations to furnish your Halloween themed party then you have to include some form of bat decorations.
Other adornments that should feature at your party will be party pumpkins, spider decorations, lots of cobwebs and of course, witches and cauldrons.

The Different Types Of Halloween Bat Decorations For Your Halloween Party
There are several items that you can choose to decorate your house with. Here are a few suggestions.

Buy Hanging BatsHalloween Hanging Bats
A cheap and very effective way to transforms a room into a Halloween ready party space is to get some hanging bats to place in different locations. You can find a whole host of these sort of Halloween decorations and they come in a range of sizes and styles.

You could choose to buy this pack of 12 hanging bats. They are made from vinyl and measure 6.5 inches each. This is a very good bargain and you could invest in quite a few packets so that you can place a bat in every available space that you have.

If you are looking for something that is more of a central feature then you could buy one of the many gigantic hanging bats that are on sale. Some of them look so real, that you could give your guests a real shock when they approach your home.
Halloween bat decal stickers
Bat Decal Stickers
If you are looking for an effective way to alter the way your walls look then you could buy a set of bat themed decal stickers. The really good ones are usually made from vinyl and are easy to place on your wall and then remove once you are finished with them.

This particular bat decal sticker is 4 inches in size and is suitable for walls, windows, mirrors, painted wood and metal. If you order a selection you will be able to create the effect of a swarm of bats descending on the place.
Halloween bat lights
Halloween Bat Lights
If you are looking for a bat themed illumination then you should definitely consider purchasing a pre-formed lighting system. The one pictured here is a perfect example of what is available to buy online. The way that the lights are set means that they will flash on and off at a pre-determined rate. This will give the illusion that the wings are actually in motion.

If you buy something like this one you will also get the necessary accessories so that you can choose whether to have it hanging in the middle of your party room or whether you would prefer to mount the whole thing onto a window or place it outdoors on the front porch. This would be a great way to welcome your guests to your Halloween party.

Whatever you do, don't forget the Halloween bat decorations.