Safe Halloween Pranks For Your Family And Friends!

Halloween is not only a time of the spooky and scary, it's also a time of mischief. It is "trick or treat" after all, so are you ready with a few safe Halloween pranks to make your family and friends jump out of their skins? Here are five great ones - all safe, but still spooky - to help get your Halloween tricks started. 

Place plastic insects and spiders on their front porch, window sill, or other well-trafficked home area 

Creepy crawlies like spiders and bugs are always a great way to create a little scare. Strategically place them in locations you are sure they'll notice and wait for the chaos to ensue. If there are babies around, place them above the reach of their tiny hands, otherwise they may think they are a tasty treat to eat!

Put fake skeleton or zombie hands in the dirt outside of your friend's house; make it look like it's popping up from underground zombie hands

OMG are those zombies coming to get us?! You bet, and your neighbor will have a little fright too. You can add to the effect with  a fake gravestone that, along with the hand, seems to have popped up out of nowhere. Don't go crazy digging up their yard (your friends probably won't appreciate that), but do find ways to disguise it. A few well placed rocks and some mulch can help hold up that hand without giving it away.

Place a few plastic snakes in the pillow cases on your couch before having guests over

Plastic snakes are great for Halloween tricks. They've got that wiggly feel while still having some real weight, so they can really cause a fright! When your friends go to sit down on the couch and get comfortable among the pillows, they'll be in for a fun scare!

Put fake spider web on your friend's front door or a family member's bedroom door fake spider web

Stretchable spider web is safe and easy to dispose of, making it an excellent Halloween trick material. It'll cause a nice fright the minute your Halloween prank target opens that door! Add a few plastic spiders into the web for an even spookier effect.

Place plastic ants, spiders, or other small plastic critters into the cereal in a cereal box

This one is not a prank for small children, as you don't want these to be eaten! And you do need to sacrifice a box of cereal to the Halloween prank gods, but the jump you may get from your intended target could be worth it. When your family member goes to pour their favorite brand of cereal in a bowl on Halloween morning, they'll be in for quite a treat!

There are a lot more safe Halloween pranks out there that can help you turn the scary season into frightful fun. Do you have one you can share? Leave it in the comments below, so others too can enjoy these fun Halloween tricks. Remember - keep them safe!