Looking for some fun things to do to celebrate Halloween? The pumpkin is one of the most identifiable creatures for Halloween. There are many ways to make pumpkins crafts without having to carve a real pumpkin which require lore skills.

You can make a Halloween pumpkin craft using a lot of materials such as construction papers, felt, paper plate, polystyrene, etc.

Construction Paper Pumpkin

This simple version of pumpkin can easily be done even by young kids. First, draw a circle in an orange construction paper. Then draw the details of the face using a marker; two triangles for the eyes and a zigzag line for the mouth.

You can also turn this into a mask by cutting out the eyes and punching two holes on the side where you can put a large rubber band. Don’t forget to cut leaves and short stem from green construction paper.

Paper Plate Pumpkin

Paper can also be made into a Halloween pumpkin craft. You just need to paint orange to the bottom surface of the paper plate. Or, make a collage by cutting small triangles from orange papers and pasting them on the surface. Then, paint the eyes and the smiling face with two or three protruding teeth. Cut some leaves and stem from a green paper.

Pumpkin Felt Toy

Pumpkin felt toy is a cool Halloween pumpkin craft. You can give them away as gifts or pin them in your bags. All you need are orange felt, buttons or wiggly eyes, green ribbon, toy stuffing, fabric glue, embroidery thread and a needle.

The first thing that you need to do is make a circle on a carton. This will serve as a template to make sure that you will cut two equal circles on the felt. Sew the edges of the pumpkin using running stitch, leaving a small gap for the toy stuffing.

After stuffing the pumpkin, sew the small gap together. Then, design the face of the pumpkin using wiggly eyes or buttons. Cut the mouth from a piece of black felt. Glue the eyes and the mouth. Lastly, cut some green ribbons for the leaves and a stem. Glue them together on top of the pumpkin.

Halloween pumpkin crafts can be a lot of fun. They don't cost too much and you can enjoy them on your own or with a bunch of kids. Either way, it is great way to celebrate Halloween.