Halloween Food(67626)

When it nears that date of Halloween it is often the time for great celebrations which includes Halloween recipes. Now Halloween recipes don’t all have to be made with orange frosting with black trimmings because not everything Halloween related is necessarily orange and black. One of the first things you will need to do is figure out who the guests are going to be. It will be a different Halloween party if it is intended for children than it would for teenagers or adults. And each type of Halloween party will include different entertainment and of course different foods. Let’s put together some different types of parties.

A Child’s Halloween Party

When you have a household of children to entertain not only do you need some fabulous Halloween recipes that are both good to look at and they have to taste good too. You will need to have something to drink like sugar free drinks or perhaps a warmed apple cider drink. If you are going to have the kids bob for apples you will need to get some very crisp apples so after they bob for them you can wash them off and cut them in pieces for the kids to eat along with some pumpkin bread. Halloween recipes should include some cookies preferably those that are low calorie and low fat so they children have healthy treats to eat without a lot of sugar.

The Teen Halloween Party

If you have a house full of teens then you will want to have Halloween recipes they will all eat. This might include sandwiches with something as simple as peanut butter and pumpkin spread or apple butter. The peanut and the fruit flavors make a really good combination. If you choose whole wheat bread you will be serving a healthier sandwich too. Include some sugar free sodas or fresh lemonade or perhaps a fruit juice punch. If you have a Halloween costume judging contest you can pass a plate of Halloween decorated cookies or cookie bars from one of your favorite Halloween recipes. Include small bowls of dried fruits for additional color like cranberries and apricots with some good fat type of nuts like walnuts or pistachios.

The Best Adult Halloween Party

Adults love Halloween parties too so when you invite a group of good friends to a Halloween party you will have to serve some very good Halloween recipes as treats to go with the fun of the costumes. Include some Halloween recipes for cookies and cookie bars then have the icing and other toppings out for the adults to decorate the cookies themselves. Then hold a vote to see who gets the prize for the best decorated cookies.

A Neighborhood Halloween Party

A neighborhood Halloween party is lots of fun because you get to try some different Halloween recipes from what you would usually make. If the weather is good hold it picnic style outdoors and have all the attendees bring their choice of favorite Halloween recipes for a pot luck style Halloween party.