Here are sixteen Halloween safety tips to make this a safe and happy Halloween.

  1. When buying Halloween costumes choose flame retardant costumes, mask, beards and wigs. Flame retardant articles can still catch on fire, but they will not stay lit when removed from the ignition source.
  2. Choose tighter fitting costumes with out flowing material to minimize the risk of costumes coming in contact with candles. Billowing sleeves or floating flimsy fabric can more easily come in contact with an ignition source.
  3. Choose brightly colored Halloween costumes, or costumes that are light in color so that they can be clearly seen by motorists.
  4. Decorate or trim costumes with reflective tape. Reflective take will pick up car headlights and other light sources so that the children are more easily seen when it is dark out.
  5. Walk with a flashlight after dark. This makes it easier for children to see where they are going. It also makes them more visible to others.
  6. Make sure that the costumes are not so long that children are tripping over them when they walk, or the costume can snag on things as they are going up and down steps. Hem the costumes if necessary.
  7. Wear properly fitting and sturdy shoes. Over sized shoes make it difficult for the child to walk. Not only will they get tired sooner, they risk tripping or falling down steps or into traffic.
  8. Hats and scarfs should be securely fastened so that they do not constantly slip over the eyes or fall off when crossing a street.
  9. Be careful when choosing a mask. A loose fitting mask may make it difficult for your child to breath.
  10. Visibility can be severely restricted when wearing a mask, making it dangerous to cross streets.
  11. Even a mask with large eye holes and generally good visibility can shift and impair vision if it is not tight fitting.
  12. Opt for face paint and make up instead. If you are going to wear a mask, make sure that it has large eye holes, good ventilation, and fits snugly.
  13. Costume accessories such as swords and knives should be made from a soft and flexible material. It should not be able to puncture the skin if it is fallen upon, or used in innocent fun.
  14. Warn children to not enter homes and apartments unless they are accompanied by adults.
  15. If you are using jack-o-lanterns around your house, make sure that they are out of the way of traffic. Try to use an artificial light source instead of a candle.
  16. Warn children not to eat any treats before an adult has inspected the candy for tampering.