Keep your little monsters safe during this Holiday season.  Help your children understand the safety tips.

Halloween is a fun time of the year for the entire family.  However, there can be horrible things that can happen to children on Halloween night.  Since many of the activities happen at dark, it is important to teach your children about these safety tips that they should practice not only on Halloween, but every day of the year.

If you are going to go out, make sure it is with a group of people.  If the group of people you are with split up, always have a buddy.  Never go out by yourself.  Kids that are 13 and under should always be with an adult at all times.  There is no reason that young kids should be walking around town by themselves without someone there with them to keep them safe.

Never go into someone's house.  Even if the nicest old lady invites you into her house, do not go in.  It seems like common sense, but this has happened to children many times before.  This could be a trap and could be extremely dangerous.

Always check your candy before you eat it.  Have a parent help you inspect your candy to ensure that it is safe to eat.  If the wrapper looks like it was messed with at all, you should throw out the candy.  It isn't worth taking the chance if you aren't sure.

Avoid houses without lights on while going trick or treating.  If the person has their lights off, it means they do not have any candy to pass out to you.  Do not attempt to knock or ring their door bell in hopes that they may change their mind.  This person may not be home or they simply do not take a part in the Halloween activities.

If you are going to a party, be sure to let your parents know where you are going and you check in with them to make sure it is okay.  Never go into a person's house who is throwing a party that you don't know, even if your friends are going.

Make sure Halloween costumes fit properly and they are able to breathe okay through the masks.  This is especially important with young children who have a hard time communicating this.

Ensure that the child knows their address and phone number in case there is an emergency.  It is a smart idea for the child to wear reflectors or a flashing light to keep them safe when vehicles are passing as well.

Stay away from lanterns or candles that may be on the porch at some houses.  If the child is wearing a cape or a long dress, the flame could easily catch on the costume and cause a disaster.  Remind children of this rule before they go up to a house that may have lit candles out.

Following these safety tips are important to keep your children safe this year during Halloween season.  This is a fun Holiday, but it is important to always play it safe.

Checking your kids Halloween candy before they eat it is important to keep them safe.