With Halloween approaching, I'm sure you're looking for some great Halloween snacks for the office, the kids' afternoon snacks, or a party. Enjoy these offerings!

Wail Mix

Mix candy corn, peanuts, and pretzel sticks into a trail mix-type snack. Serve in cups or in fun Halloween baggies that you can find at the party store or the grocery store.

Dirt Cups

Mix chocolate pudding with generous amounts of crushed chocolate or chocolate-cream sandwich cookies. Stick a gummy worm or two in for a truly dirty effect. Serve in plastic cups. If you can find the gummy body parts that are out at this time of the year, it's even better!

Creepy Punch

For an extra handbuy rubber gloves, and fill with fruit juice. Freeze them to use as ice in your party punch! Nothing like a few fingers floating in your drink to give you the willies! (A classic to go with your Halloween snacks!)

Spider Sticks

Get the plastic spider rings from the party store, and feed sugar sticks or pretzel sticks through them. Set out in a bowl. The sugar sticks in the rings would make great treats to hand out to Trick or Treaters, too!

Finger Tips/Old Man Toes

Get a roll of refrigerated bread dough from the dairy section. Pinch off bits about an inch long and press slivered almonds into the ends of them to be the "nails." Be sure to bake for a lot less time than you would a full loaf, so they don't burn!

Candy Apples

You can't go wrong with candied apples at Halloween, or at any time in the Fall, for that matter. Take a nice ripe apple and stick a popsicle stick into its center. Dip in melted caramel or chocolate (white and dark chocolate are fun, too!) and then roll them in one of several things.

Crushed nuts, sprinkles, and crushed hard candies are always fun. For a neat twist, wrap thin strings of licorice around the dipped apple while it's still wet, instead of rolling it.

There are dozens of creative, cute, and spooky Halloween snacks just waiting for you to make them!