"Trick or Treat!"

After years of Trick-or-Treating and then several more years of taking my children out on Halloween, I've seen all types of goodies. Some Halloween handouts are good while others are not so good. Many parents who take the time to go through their children's goody bags will find lots of fun and good treats but they will also find the occasional items that must go straight into the trash.

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Halloween, just as everything, has its fans and its foes. While some fans may be generous, others may not be in a position to give much, however they still try to give items that children will enjoy. Then there are the foes that do not give out anything or worse, give out items meant to disappoint children. (People who handout items meant to hurt children do not belong in the 'Foe' category, they belong in the criminal category!)

If you are taking your little 'ghouls' out Trick-or-Treating this year, I hope they get lots of good treats and none of the bad.  If you are handing out goodies, take some time to purchase some of the items that children will enjoy. They don’t have to be expensive (if you can't give out full size candy bars, give fun size) as long as the candy is a good quality, it will be appreciated).

"Trick or Treat – Give Me Something Good to Eat!"

10 Good Treats

Full Size Candy Bars: Scoring a full size candy bar is like winning the Halloween lotto!  Although these larger candy bars may be rare in some neighborhoods and non-existent in others; you just might get lucky and find a generous homeowner (but please don't go back for seconds, it just ruins it for everyone). All full size bars are good, and some of the favorites are Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bars, Snickers, Milky Way Bars, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and Monds Almond Joy.

Fun Size Chocolate Bars: Although smaller than the full sized candy, these fun size bars are still popular, especially when the fun size candy is a chocolate bar. Adults love them because they can control how much candy their children eat and they can also snack on the smaller sized candy. If the fun size bars are good quality everyone will appreciate them.

Halloween Toys: Mini novelty Halloween toys can be a fun and different treat for kids. These tiny trinkets can keep children content for an hour or two; just long enough for you to go through their goody bags.

Candy Necklace: Individually wrapped candy necklaces are a fun treat kids enjoy wearing and showing-off to their friends.

Mini Color Books: Halloween theme mini color books can be a fun treat (as with the toys) these mini color books can keep children occupied and happy without having to fill-up on too much candy.  

Tootsie Pops: Almost everyone loves Tootsie Pops, the sweet hard candy shell with the semi-soft chocolate tootsie roll in the middle. They've been a favorite of kids and adults alike for years.

Candy Fangs or Teeth: Individually wrapped candy fangs or teeth are a good treat because kids love seeing themselves with these fun teeth in their mouth. They can pretend to be a vampire with fangs or a monster with big teeth or they can just have fun being silly.

Pencils: Pencils with a colorful eraser on top are a great practical treat. The erasers can be a Halloween theme or other popular characters that kids enjoy. Pencils will still be useful months after all the candy has been eaten.

Ring Pops: These are fun candy rings that kids love to wear and eat. All Ring Pops are individually wrapped and children like to put them on their fingers and pretend they are real jewelry.

Fun Stickers: You can find fun Halloween stickers at inexpensive prices. Children enjoy placing stickers on notebooks, lunch bags, or on other items.


"Trick or Treat – Smell My Feet!"

10 Bad Treats

Fruit: Never give out any type of fresh fruit because it will most likely be thrown away due to safety concerns. Also, most children want candies on Halloween not fruit.

Toothbrushes: While some adults may like the idea of their child getting a toothbrush, most children don't care for them. You can buy your child a toothbrush anytime, Halloween is a time for children to be excited about, and enjoy the items they get in their goody bags.

Old Leftover Candy: Some people see nothing wrong with handing-out old leftover candy but it can really be disgusting, especially when the candy is so old that it is not edible. If you're a person who doesn't mind old candy, keep it for yourself and give the good candy to the kids on Halloween.

Homemade Treats: Several years ago homemade items such as fudge or cookies were considered good treats, however nowadays you don't know what ingredients people are putting into homemade items. I throw away all homemade items, as do most people. Save the homemade treats for your family.

Popcorn Balls: Children generally don't like these, they are not tasty and they are difficult to eat.

Ketchup and Mustard Packets: This is just plain mean! 

Candy Canes (from last Christmas): This is not a good treat! First of all, you know they are old (probably from last Christmas or even older) and second, no one is in the mood for a candy cane on Halloween!

Tiny Box of Raisins: While it may make health conscious adults feel good, most children will not eat them. Those healthy raisins will most likely end up in the trash bin.

Coupons: It doesn’t matter what the coupon is, it's not a good treat (especially when the coupon has expired).

Nothing: The ultimate bad item is nothing, but it is still better than giving something out that will harm children. So for anyone who is thinking about giving something hurtful; just lock your door, turn-off your lights, ignore everyone and don’t give out anything!  For those who cannot give anything because they cannot afford it; sit outside with your neighbors while they give out goodies. You can also talk to your neighbors and see if they are willing to pitch-in and purchase goodies that you can give out together.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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