Get your scare on with some Halloween wreaths. These spooky decorations work both indoors and out, and set the tone for the scariest of all nights. Halloween wreaths come in many BOO-tiful styles, from friendly and festive to downright frightening. Here you'll learn more about Halloween wreaths, see some of the selections available, and learn about great places to buy.

Halloween Wreath Ideas: From Festive To Frightening

purple and orange halloween wreathHoliday wreaths always nod to their roots, and Halloween wreaths are certainly no exception. Some Halloween wreaths are very comparable to beautiful autumn wreaths, using the colors of the season to set a festive fall tone. These wreaths often pull in the oranges, blacks, browns and other dark colors so familiar with the season. Others tie in replicas of candy treats and mini-pumpkins. This type of seasonal wreath is very family friendly, while still being fun.

Then, there are Halloween wreaths meant to add to the Halloween fear factor. You'll discover wreaths using some of the famous frightening icons of the season, from black cats to skeletons and everything between. You can get as scary as you'd like and really set the tone for the evening.

No matter the type, Halloween wreaths can often be used year after year. Many are made with synthetic materials that last as long as they are packed away securely after the season is over.

Halloween Wreath Selections

There are many options for these seasonal wreaths, but some of the more popular on include:

deco mesh halloween wreathDeco Mesh Halloween Wreath

A festive pumpkin wreath that mixes funky mesh with the familiar colors of the season. It makes a great outdoor wreath because of the materials used.

Black Rose Wreathblack rose halloween wreath

When you're ready to step up the scary, this black rose wreath is an excellent choice. It's got both beauty and creepy covered.

skeleton halloween wreathSkeleton Halloween Wreath

Scary skeleton skulls are always a Halloween treat,  and this one adds extra creep with its wings and gravestone.

You can even make your own Halloween wreaths if you are the crafty type. It makes a fun and creative way to get your kids involved in the spirit of the season. When you do it  yourself, you've got the opportunity to tie in all sorts of Halloween decorations into your style to make the perfect wreath for you. Your children can play with fake spiders, creepy webs, and other Halloween favorites while making something the entire community can enjoy.

Where To Use Halloween Wreaths

The obvious choice for these wreaths is as festive Halloween door decorations. They can add flair to your front door or throughout the doors in your home. Wreaths can also be placed on any wall indoor and out, but make sure your wreath is built for taking the weather if you place it outdoors for extended periods.
floral metal cat halloween wreath
You can also decorate your table using Halloween wreaths. In fact, they can make terrific spooky candle wreaths. Again, just look at what your wreath is made of prior to doing so. You don't want to place flame near anything extremely flammable, and Halloween wreaths are made with a wide array of materials.

If Halloween puts you in a giving mood beyond the candy, these holiday wreaths are a great gift choice. They are fun, festive, and easy for anyone to use. Plus, many of these wreaths are very affordable, so buying a few for your close family and friends won't break your bank.

The Price And Where To Buy Halloween Wreaths

Halloween wreaths are budget-friendly compared to some other seasonal wreaths out there. You can find some spooky varieties starting at around $10, and they range up from there based off of the materials used and the intricacies of the design. Some of the most amazing wreaths can top $100, and it's no surprise that they are stunning.

As mentioned, is a great place to shop for Halloween wreaths. They've got every style you'd like and many on sale, from those more reminiscent of fall wreaths to full-on scary decor. As the season approaches, craft stores like Michaels also carry a decent selection of Halloween wreaths, as do many major discount department stores like Target and Walmart. Their selections may not be as large as, but they are the place to go if you need a wreath immediately. No matter where you shop, Halloween wreaths are a must to make this season as spooktakular as it can be.