Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  Children can use their imagination to come up with creative costumes to try and scare others or look as cute as they can be.  Halloween gives up permission to dress up without the social embarrassment of wearing something that is not deemed by society to be appropriate at other times during the year. 

Dressing up like a clown and walking around the neighborhood would not be considered normal at any other time during the year for most people.  However, on Halloween you can even be the evil clown, Pennywise, from the movie It and no one would think twice about it.  Well, those people with Coulrophobia, which is the fear of clowns, may think more than twice about it.  

GraveyardCredit: erikamarie.hubpages.com

I want to be scared on Halloween.  I want to see all the people dress up.  I want to see the houses and yard decorated.  This article will give some ideas of how to decorate your yard and make it look great for the Halloween season. 

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Scary Cemetery

I think the cemetery is a classic, scary, and great way to decorate your yard.  There are many decorations out there for this Halloween yard design.  Some graveyards are beautiful with the decorative, marble tombstones, crosses, flowers and tributes to the people of the past.  However, at Halloween, we want it to be scary and the following are some ideas, which you can try to make the walk to your front porch a little adventure.  Those children might think twice about the tricks they might play on your house.  

GraveyardCredit: hubpages.comThe staple to the graveyard is the tombstone.  You can buy the Styrofoam tombstones and there are some really good ones out there.  However, you can also make your own and add a personalized touch to the gravestones.  

First you can go to your local home improvement or building supply store and buy two piece of plywood.  You will also need some black paint and some gray paint. You will need a couple of cheap paint brushes if you do not already have some. Get a couple of 1x4’s as well.   

First lay one piece of the plywood on a flat surface and using your imagination just draw out some different designs of grave markers.  Make a few different designs because this will add more mystic to the graveyard you are going to make. Take the gray paint and paint the entire front of the tombstone.  If your decorations can be seen from either direction, you may want to paint both sides to add the effect of reality.  

After the gray paint dries you will need to add the words to the marker.  There are a few ways you can choose the names for the stones.  A few years ago a person had the idea to put the leaders of the community on the gravestones in their Halloween cemetery.  The homeowner took a little flax from that because apparently if offended some people in the community.  It was not the people, who were listed on the gravestones.  They thought it was kind of funny and gave them recognition, but eventually the people took off the names.  I thought this was a great idea and did not understand the outcry from this.  For Pete’s sake, it is Halloween, but I digress.  You can use family member’s names or you can just add made up names.  Some ideas of this would be Gull E. Bull, Ugg Lee Fella, Shelby Back, or Bellah Ball.  Just be creative.  Put RIP on some of them.  Write some cute little sayings and don’t forget the birth and death dates.  Halloween is always a good death date, just to add something to think about.  

The other piece of plywood you bought will be used to make a coffin.  You can just make a rectangle box or you can get a little fancier and make the sharp corners up near the head area.  Paint this box black.  You can leave it open top, or you can add a lid with or without hinges on top.  

graveyardCredit: occultview.comNow you have a decision to make.  You can actually dig a hole or you can just place a pile of dirt next to the coffin just to make it look like a hole has been dug.  This is okay if you do not want to dig a hole in your yard.  

Buy some cheap plastic flowers and lay them around.  If you can find black flowers these will be better.  If you can find some glow in the dark ones, this is even better.  Along with that, you can get some glow in the dark paint and outline or add some to the gravestones you created above.  This will add an element to the night time scene.  

You can choose to have a walk through the gate for the trick or treaters to walk through.  This is not necessary but will add a great look to the yard.  You can make one pretty cheap out of PVC pipes if you chose to do so.  Buy 3 pieces of half inch PVC pipes and paint them black.  You will need a couple of elbow connector joints as well.  Two pieces of pipe will be the legs with the connector joints placed on top.  The third pipe will go between these two.  From this cross pipe you can make a sign that say “cemetery” or a specific name such as “CunninghamCemetery” that will hang down from this. The people will walk through this to get to the cemetery and to your front door. GraveyardCredit: hubpages.com

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Time and Money Budget

You can buy many other little decorations for your cemetery.  It depends on your budget and how much time you have to invest in the project.  You can buy ghost to hang up in the trees or to stand up next to the gravestones.  You can buy a little black plastic cat to roam your grave yard.  You can have witches, zombies, mummies, or any other spooks you can think of.  

You can put a body in your coffin or not. A skeleton is always a good placement in the coffin.  Again, these will cost money and it will depend on your budget. You can add leaves.  You can add the fake spider webs, lace or any other spooking materials to help create the vision of a real scary cemetery.  

GraveyardCredit: hubpages.comStrategically placed lights, Jack O’lanterns, fog machines and whatever else your imagination can come up with will make this a fright and a thrill for Halloween.  You will be the talk of the neighborhood.  Not just from that nosey neighbor who cannot mind their own business, but from others who will drive down your street just to see what you have down.  

The initial cost will be higher, but you can keep most of these decorations and can add to it every year.  As you build your graveyard, you can add more and more to it.  Maybe you can get a competition going on in the neighborhood and make it a “can’t miss” place to go for Halloween. 

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