Halloween - The night where dreams are made and us men can be whatever we want to be

Halloween is one time of the year when us men can regress and go back to being a ‘boy’ once more. Halloween allows us to be childish and immature, although we have to retain some sense of responsibility, and actually get away with it. So, what is it us men must do to be childish and get away with it? Dress up in a Halloween costume, of course!

One type of Halloween costume for men is the traditional style of costumes designed to frighten and scare people. Such Halloween costumes include things like ghosts, ghouls, zombies, vampires, werewolves etc. Whilst there is nothing wrong with these types of Halloween costume they are a bit boring and lack imagination. However, if scaring people is your thing, these types of Halloween costume are the way to go. Full face Halloween masks look good, however they are a bit of a hindrance when it comes to eating and drinking, so bear this in mind before you go and get the full werewolf head or Frankenstein mask. The other thing about full face masks is they shield you from ladies, which is fine if you have already found your life long partner but not so good if you are currently looking for a significant other and better half.

Adult Halloween parties provide the perfect opportunity to let your imagination run wild and really go to town, so unless you really want to wear a traditional sort of Halloween costume you would be best off going for something a bit different. When it comes to Halloween costumes the sky’s the limit and the possibilities are endless, therefore the potential number of Halloween costumes for men available is huge. In fact, there are so many different types of Halloween costumes for men, choosing the perfect one is often a long and drawn out process and you will find you changing your mind frequently.

When we were children we all had visions of our dream job and what we would be when we finally grew up however few of us ever achieved this. Whether our dream job was to be an astronaut, a professor, a head teacher, a pilot or whatever else, we all had aspirations. So, when dressing up for an adult Halloween party why not follow your childhood dream and choose the clothes of your dream job? This is a great idea of a Halloween costume for men and getting the clothing will be cheap and easy to source.

Fireman costume

Following on from our childhood, another great Halloween costume for men is a superhero costume. All of us men had a favourite superhero when we were growing up, and I’ll bet that all of us men used to play and pretend we were that superhero at some time or another. Well, Halloween provides the perfect excuse for us men to relive our childhood and become our favourite superhero. Fancy dress shops offer many different comic book hero costumes, including Batman, Robin, Spiderman, Superman etc. etc. All the favourites are there so becoming your childhood super hero is not going to be too difficult. The best thing about these super hero costumes is that you don’t even need the muscular physique since they come complete with washboard abs and bulging biceps.

Spiderman costume

Halloween parties provide a great excuse to mingle with some lovely ladies, so why not choose a Halloween costume that is going to make you more desirable to the fairer sex? Many ladies like a man in a uniform, a rough and rugged man or a man who works for the emergency services. All of these make great Halloween costumes for men that are, once again, very easy to get hold of. So, grab a fireman’s uniform, a police officer’s uniform or a set of greasy overalls and use it as a tool to meet single ladies.

All of us men have our favourite movie and movie star so why not use the clothes of your favourite actor as a Halloween costume? There are loads of iconic movie stars you could choose, such as Indy from Indiana Jones, Maverick from Top Gun, Hans Solo from Star Wars the possibilities are endless. As an alternative to movie stars, how about our favourite pop stars or singers? Choosing the lead singer of a band, such as Green Day or Offspring, would be a bit boring but if you select an iconic figure you could end up being the talking point. The late Michael Jackson, Michael Stipe, Eminem etc. are all possibilities and there are plenty of others if you stop and think about it.

Another Halloween costume for men is swimwear or some other kind of revealing clothing, although this is reserved for those men who are very comfortable with showing some flesh. Some men aren’t confident to bare all, and this is perfectly fine. For those men who do like to be a bit risqué why not wear the famous “mankini” or the costume made famous by the Chippendales, i.e. a pair of briefs, a collar and bow tie and a pair of cuffs.

As you can see, there are hundreds of Halloween costumes for men and the above are just a taster. If you are going to a Halloween party and have to go in fancy dress let your imagination run riot and be whatever you want to be.