With Halloween just around the corner many of you will be fretting over the important decision of what outfit to wear for the big event. There are so many great accessories available nowadays that look good, cost little and are likely to scare the living daylights out of everyone! For those of you not willing to spend big bucks on an expensive costume, no need to panic as there are many cheap options available. Here are three of the best cheap Halloween makeup accessories that you can either build your costume around, or just simply use to add the finishing touch to your outfit.

White Face Paint

How could you have Halloween without face paint? One of the best low budget options out there in terms of Halloween makeup, it can transform your complexion to make you one of the scariest looking people around! Think white face of a ghost or a terrifying clown. Whilst white is predominantly the colour many choose for Halloween, it is by no means the only option. Green for zombies, Red for devils or Black for scary eyes, the possibilities are endless.  Don't be worried about the practicalities as it's easy to apply and washes off easily; it can also be saved and used for face painting at any other time!

Check out the range of colours sold here and be creative with your Halloween makeup; it’s one of the best ways to freak out your friends and impress everyone!

Face paint example
Credit: www.chemistry.about.com

Fake Lenses

These are definitely my favourite choice of cheap Halloween accessories as their ability to be so small but yet so powerful in their transformation of the individual. In fact, when I first tried them on I was scared to look at myself in the mirror! Fake lenses are awesome accessories to costumes like vampires and zombies where they give the outfit an extra dimension. As they are so cheap they can only be used once so it’s perfect for Halloween. However, if you wanted some for longer use then those are sold to.

Fake lenses(117289)
Credit: www.image-codes.com

Fake Blood

My final choice for cheap Halloween accessories is, of course, fake blood. The season of Halloween would not be the same without seeing people dressed up, covered in ridiculous amounts of fake blood dripping from every possible location. A firm favourite amongst fancy dressers, it can completely change a costume from average to excellent. If you’re struck for cash then buy some fake blood, a cheap plain white t-shirt and then administer drops with a few tears and hey presto!


Well there are my three best cheap Halloween accessories. If you’re struggling for Halloween makeup ideas then click here and order one, if not all of them! Have a happy Halloween J