Halloween Spooks and thrills for a night to remember!

It's my favourite time of year ever because it's the only fun I actually love that puts a smile on my face. This day is even better than my birthday I like getting presents they just don't ever thrill me. Maybe presents don't thrill me because when I was younger even sometimes in my last couple of years, My mother would buy me and my sister presents thinking that she knew what we all wanted. Well what happened was she mixed up the gifts getting me a bike that my sister dreamed of when I never even enjoyed riding a bike and she gave my sister the doll house I had always wanted since I was 5 and got at 9, as me and my sister eventually got the idea to swap and get the presents we really wanted.

sPOOKY hALLOWEEN Always got me excited to be spooky and mischievous I loved it. The blood the gorr and most importantly the costumes were incredible and my mum always knew what we all wanted to wear and our sizes were pretty much the same if she didnt so we could swap. My brother got dressed in secret no one knowing what he was going to do and then, boo I got you and we would scream and then laugh when we knew, always the prankster.

Having a scary pumpkin and puting it on a table in the dark in the front door reception was the best it scarred the trick or treaters and made me laugh so hard I nearly wet myself. Making it different every year almost competiting with what we did the year before, to be more horrific and fun that was until I turned 16 and my mum got fed up, she stopped having fun and we just sat around the house at night watching tv and when the clock stroke midnight on came the goolish dvd to scare us to sleep. Halloween should be when my birthday is it's nearer and would actually put a smile on my face every year when the presents would be given out wrapped in jelly blood and sweet worms.

I have always like the idea of going camping in the woods on halloween with costumes and booze but I've yet to do this, the blair witch film/documentary put me off in a way. And the idea of sleeping practically on the floor with bugs and such, not washing my hair properly and going to the toilet in portaloos is not a good experience and doing that all day and night is too disgusting to think about. I would rather pee on the floor and people look at me and thats bad enough.

Have fun this Halloween enjoy the spooks and whatever else you do just make sure your having loads of fun. My blood will be trickling down my face with glee of happiness from my eyes........................................