Halloweentown is a magical movie that the whole family can enjoy.It would be an excellent choice to show on family night.


The children seem to have stronger magic than their parents. Without any training,they are able to perform magic against powerful forces.

Full Review

This movie stars Debbie Reynolds as Agatha Cromwell.Halloweentown is an exciting,fun,and mysterious tale about witches and of magic. The movie also involves many unique monsters and creatures. It also shows how good magic can triumph over evil magic.

In the beginning,Agatha arrives at her daughter's home.Her visit is a surprise to her daughter,Gwen as well as to her grandchildren. Agatha has come to visit her grandchildren.Marnie is the eldest,Dylan is next to the eldest and Sophie is the youngest of the grandchildren.Also,she wants Gwen to tell Marnie the truth.The truth being,that Marnie is a witch. Gwen does not want her children to practice magic.Therefore, she has not told her children of their heritage.Plus,Agatha wants to ask Gwen to help her fight against a growing evil force in Halloweentown.

Because of her unwillingness to co-operate with Agatha,an agument ensues between Gwen and Agatha.During this argument,Marnie overhears not only are both her mother and grandmother witches but also,she herself is a witch. Marnie also sees them perform magic.

Determined to learn more about her heritage,she follows her grandmother to the bus stop.She stowes away on the bus along with her brother Dylan.Unbenounced to them, their little sister Sophie has stoed away on the bus as well. Now,they are on their way to adventure and astonishment upon the arrival to grandma's house in Halloweentown. This movie usually airs during the month of October on Disney Channel.

In Closing

I would recommend this movie be seen by all believers in magic. It is a movie that I repeatedly love to watch .