Halo 4 VS Halo Reach

There is nothing quite like getting an old box TV from your parents garage, bringing that TV back to you and your girlfriends apartment, your girlfriend getting really pissed off because you already have a 50 inch flat screen, explaining to your girlfriend that this box TV is awesome because you played Halo 1 on it back in high school so now you want to play Halo 4 on it, and then having to make your bedroom closet into a Halo control room because that is the only place that you can get away with putting your old box TV so that your girl friend doesn't smash it.

In the end, my Halo control room is pretty epic, and one plus is that now I can see when the puppy is eating my Xbox items, because I am 2 feet away from everything.


This article isn't about how cool I may or may not be in relation to my Halo War Room. It is about the halo being played in said room, vs. the Halo reach that has been played there before it. Some obvious differences at first glance, NO FIREFIGHT.... this is not a huge problem for a Halo War Hero such as myself, although I do not might letting two hours slip by smoking waves of covies. The problem with no firefight on Halo 4 is that I have one less option for playing with friends. I am a social gamer, and most of the time Xbox live doesn’t cut it. I need to be playing with my dudes in the same room for me to be having optimal fun. I know what you’re thinking, you like to play with friends so you put your Xbox in a closet.....doesn’t make much sense, but that box TV is awesome. The no firefight really busts my balls because it was by far the best thing to do if you had a friend who was worse at video games than your father, but you wanted to show him how cool halo was, and you both wanted to have fun. 


HUGE negative not having Firefight. Spartan Ops is not the same, doesn’t do anything for me, pretty lame.


How about the toned down graphics of Halo 4, feels like they are taking 4 large master chief steps back. But on the other hand, reach looks better, but Halo 4 lags online a whole lot less, and I think that there are still some pretty nice maps out there, campaign more than multiplayer, but I would play on a blank canvas if lag didn’t exist and my bullets went where I pointed them and I didn’t have to throw my controller at the TV because that jerk is host and killed me.


My last point is that the guns feel better again; they have that Halo 1 feel. Reach wasn’t getting it done in this department; guns didn’t feel like Halo Weapons. Halo 4 guns feel like they could legitimately destroy a brute. WHICH brings to me to brutes, or the lack there of. Bring me some brutes, get rid of the Space helicopters that fly all over and spawn space dogs. I don’t like em, they stink and I hate them.

In the end, I prefer Halo 4 to Reach, less lag, better guns, but no brutes and to many helicopters and no firefight. It is what it is. Move on, trade reach in for 3 bucks, and use those 3 bucks to buy a mountain dew, go to your closet, and get after it.