Opportunity to continue and expanded on a great game franchise. Should appeal to the diehard Halo fans and also draw in new ones.


Opportunity to disapoint those diehard Halo fans, which Bungie has been doing lately. Hollywood always loves to add parts that were never there in the first place or even taking out crucial parts of the story.

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As a fanatical fan of everything Halo, I have high expectations and plenty of worries for the movie that, is said, will eventually be made. As you may know, a script was being tossed around in 2007 for a movie based on the Halo franchise. Neill Blomkamp was to direct the film (although he went on to direct "District 9"), produced by Peter Jackson and developed by Microsoft game studios. Although not officially confirmed, to my knowledge, pre-production was halted to due to an ever expanding budget (last projected at $100 billion). Blomkamp went on to say the movie will be made in the near future.

I would love to see movie based on the franchise, but the main thing I am worried about is if Hollywood is going to deviate from the storyline signifcantly. The entire Halo universe, not just Master Chief, should be represented in these movies to show how Humanity is struggling to survive agianst an advanced alien Covenant. Blomkamp has stated how he would like to start the series of movies with the fall of Reach. This would be a great starting point for the series, but I would love to see the first movie depict the first encounter with the Covenant at Harvest, and its subsequent destruction, or maybe just tie that into the first movie centered around Reach. However, I believe that if Hollywood is going to do this right and appeal to all fans, they should cover a lot of ground in whatever movie is centered around Reach. What I mean by this is that they should go back to show the beginning of the SPARTAN-II program and the selection and training the candidates went through, not just the battle and fall of Reach.

Following the plot line of the novels, I also think that if and after a movie about the Master Chief's excursion on the Halo construct, another movie should be produced centering on the events after Halo's destruction, detailed in the novel Halo: First Strike (one of my favorites of the novel series). These would help to cover the ground between the events of Halo: CE and Halo 2, which would appeal to both old and new fans of the franchise, but to also show that Master Chief is actually NOT the last SPARTAN-II alive after Reach. From their, they could simply move on to develop movies adapted after the games Halo 2 and Halo 3.

Since Microsoft is all about the money, I believe that if they added movies based on Halo: Fisrt Strike, and possibly Contact Harvest, they would be raking in more money since fans would love to see these two storys in pictures in movies rather than just in words of novels. If it was planned to have a least 4 movies centered around the games Reach, Halo: CE, Halo 2 and Halo 3, they could add these adpations to create a 5 or possibly 6 series movie, much like Star Wars (but much better!)

Another good thing that could come out of these movies other than tons of money and keeping Halo fans happy, would be to give Bungie a chance to redeem itself after it horribly deviated from its own storyline when creating Reach the game. These deviations can be read here, from a fellow InfoBarrel user who outlines them with great detail (thank you Kaden1). One idea I had on the matter of the Pillar of Autumn. Perhaps the movie can indulge in a little of both the game and the novel so that both storys are represented. My idea is that the Master Chief will still be on the orbital platform to destory the navigation coordinates to Earth (novel), and the PoA could still be on the ground waiting for Cortana (game). Once Cortana has been delivered, the PoA would take flight out of Reach's atmosphere, rendezvous with the MC in space and make the jump to Halo. Although the novels stated that the PoA was not meant for atmospheric travel (all UNSC are bulit in zero gee), Bungie already screwed that up in the game, so I think this idea, that is just a thought, might please other fans that are "outraged" at the two conflicting storylines.

All things considred, Bungie and the film's producers and driectors have a tremendous opportunity with this movie. But with that opportunity comes a chance for great success or tremendous failure. I would love to hear other thoughts about what could make this move, or movies, appeal to the diehard Halo fans while also appealing to a new audience that may have never played the game or read the novels.

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