Halo reach


  • Great multiplayer
  • balanced weapons
  • new depth to firefight
  • awesome Spartan customization options
  • online multiplayer is better than ever
  • fun campaign
  • awesome graphics


  • The campaign doesn't line up with the Book's canon
  • Spartan III's in the game don't seem as complex as Spartan 117 from other games
  • campaign while fun adds plot holes to the series
  • last bungie game

Full Review

I have wrote several articles about Halo: Reach, but have not given it a proper review. If you want to read my other Halo articles click here, here, and here. To begin, despite my personal objections to the canon of the game, I believe Halo is a great Halo game. Let me explain, Halo: Reach is excellent because it delivers with multiplayer. Halo: Reach offers almost unlimitless customization of your Spartan character. For the first time ever you can choose the sex of your Spartan (male or female). Firefight is awesome game mode, there are many new modes such as Versus and Generator Defense which add new layers of depth and replay value. Instead of playing the same firefight mode day after day like in ODST you can actually switch it up with new firefight modes. The online multiplayer is sound like in every Halo game.

Bungie released an updated and simplier level editing tool called Forge where you can build new maps, maps that are just as good as Bungie's with a little bit of time. Everything is easy to handle. The weapons feel right, and are well balanced.

The campaign is awesome; all the missions are really fun to playthrough and like the other Halo games there is a great story here. The only objection I have had with it, is that it disregards the book canon. Because of this I have I have to give bad marks to the game.

In Closing

I give Halo: Reach a 6/10 solo-campaign for not living up to the canon of the novels and the Halo universe. However, i give the multiplayer a 9/10 so that gives us 14/20 total. This is about a 69%. The graphics in the game are awesome, multiplayer is awesome, and really the game as a whole is solid. I recommend this to anyone who want's a great, up-to-date, best of Halo Multiplayer experience. If your playing for the story then this isn't for you, buy the book. However, this is Bungie's last Halo game and the end of an era. Even though i disagree with what they did in terms of the plot I still respect that so i will throw on one last point to make it a 75% or 15/20.