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Armor Abilities are exclusive gameplay changes featured in Halo: Reach which are essentially the equipment items from Halo 3 with certain changes. Each ability can be reused with only a cool down time in between each use. All Armor Abilities are essentially useless to anyone when trying to transport a flag or skull within the game, and if a player attempts to use an Ability, then the object simply drops out of their hands and onto the ground.

The jetpack is one of the most talked about additions in the Halo Reach and one of the most useful in a multiplayer match. In any multiplayer with multiple levels it is one of the handiest classes to choose as it allows you to be able to quickly traverse the level is ease. Another plus to being able to use the jetpack would be to get out of sticky situations quickly and being able to get a good view of the map. The jetpacks can be accessed through each Loadout before a match is started or during your respawn time. For campaign level, the player character begins with a specific ability at the start of each mission, and, at specified locations, is able to swap out abilities. Getting the jetpack in multiplayer is super easy to do and when you get it you can rain on your opponents from above.

Step 1: Choose the Airborne load-out when choosing your class at the beginning of the multiplayer match. Note: This will only work when the match you are in allows the Airborne load-out.

Step 2: When you are in the game all you have to do is hit the equipment button to use the jetpack. The button is always the left bumper (LB) in all control schemes but two. In the Southpaw control scheme the button is the right bumper (RB), and in the Bumper Jumper control scheme the button is X.

Step 3: Own your enemies with the jetpack

jetpack 1

Gameplay Tips:

  • Travers the map quicker then running
  • Get out of sticky situations
  • Use it for some surprise attacks
  • Get to a higher position with the sniper rifle for a good vantage point
  • Be the first to get the power weapons such as rockets
  • Do not stay in the air too long or you will be a target
  • When using the jetpack, attempt to jump before using it. By doing so, you increase the distance that you can accomplish while in the air.