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Okay so.. It's that time of the year right? For some people it's like Christmas for others it's no big deal. If your part of the latter then you better stop reading right now! It's Halloween! Halloween is my favorite holiday because you get to spend a night getting scared with your friends and enjoying the frights. I am going to detail my top 10 favorite horror movies, but also I want to share this link with you, it's to another Infobarrel article (of the same nature, but it seems our tastes differ a little!)

Saw (2004)

Honestly, the first Saw movie is my favorite because it is a gore-fest, brain-splattering, mystery, puzzle. Saw was the first Horror movie I ever watched. Until 2004, I was relatively inexperienced with Horror flicks. I didn't like them, I thought they made no sense. After, I watched Saw my opinion changed about Horror movies. I suddenly started to like them more because Saw isn't just a scarey movie (it certainly is!) But, it is a puzzle. The latter films lose some of this mystery and thrill, but the first film delivers. 10/10

Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Original? Nope! Yes, you might be thinking, but this is a re-make! Yes, it is a re-make and honestly one of the best re-makes I have ever seen, if not the best re-make I have ever seen. Dawn of the Dead delivers in fright and thrills. The whole time you are wondering if they are going to make it out of the mall. Well, no spoilers here, but to give you a hint it doesn't follow the plot of the first Dawn of the Dead to the letter so there might be a chance. The Dawn of the Dead remake captures the spooky music, setting and the sheer magnitute of the situation the zombie apocalpyse survivors are in. 9/10

The Thing (1982)

The Thing is one of my all-time favorite movies. Sure, it is kind of a Sci-Fi movie, but it is really more of a horror/thriller than it is Sci-Fi. This movie puts a group of artic researchers in a confined bunker, in the middle of an article blizzard, with an alien creature. The film uses strong special effects, and combined with an excellent score, should freeze your socks off. 9/10

Halloween (1978)

Halloween is John Carpentor's masterpeice. And while I think this movie is scarier than The Thing (Another John Carpentor film), I believe The Thing to be a superior film, in terms of plot. However, Halloween is one of the best horror films ever made. The musical score in this was composed by Carpentor and will still scary you to death with it's haunting cords. Halloween focuses on escaped mental patient Michael Myers as he returns to Haddonfield. Michael Myers is one of the first masked murderors and this movie helped to start the slasher film genre. It is one of the most original and haunting horror movies you can ever watch. 8.5/10

The Exorcist (1973)

The 1973 The Exorcist is a remarkable film because it was one of the first of it's kind. It showed the tale of an aetheist family, that begins hearing noises in their daughter's room. Over time these noises intensify into the possession of the little girl herself. The special effects in this film are unreal, such as the crab walk, and the musical score really makes the hairs on your spine stand up. I say that this film was one of the first of it's kind for a reason. It was the first movie to tell the tale of demonic possession and back that scare up with special effects and score. The movie shows the desperate attempts of the Catholic priests to exorcise the girl, to save her soul. The movie was so scary that it caused audiences to run out of the theater screaming. 8.5/10

The Ring (2002)

The Ring is an excellent scary movie to watch on Halloween. When I first saw this I didn't know what to expect. The plot of the film is about a women who is investigating a tape that causes everyone who watches it to die within seven days. I believe that this movie brought japanese horor films to America, it may have been the first popular Japanese based film to be released to America. To be clear this is an American film, but is based on a Japenese film with the same general plot. This helped pave the way for future Japanese based horror films like The Grudge. This film is a scary one so put on your seat belt and hope for the best. 8.4/10

The Shining (1980)

The Shining is an excellent film in many respects. Fist it is a Stanley Kubrik film. You might be familiar with some of his other films such as Dr. Strangelove or 2001: Space Odyssey. This film is based on a Stephen King story of the same name and while it departs from Stephen King's story, it is an excellent film. In addition, this film helped launch the career of Jack Nicholson. The Shining is the story of Jack Torrence. Torrence was selected to be the custodian of a mountain side hotel. The hotel has closed for the season and Torrence is supposed to be the maintence man that keeps the hotel in pristine condition for the fall opening. Over the winter however, a massive snow storm closes the hotel down. During these months, Torrence grows increasingly insane. He starts to take his anger out on his family. But, this is not the story of a man going insane, there is a paranomial element in the hotel. Certain rooms are haunted and there is a lot of bad history in the Hotel. These forces encourage and promote Torrence's insanity. In the end it is a story of paranormial activity, isolation, and insanity. I recommend this to anyone who wants to feel the desperation, isolation, and the growning numbness of insanity setting in. 8.2/10

Stephen King's THE STAND (1994)

The Stand is a 1994 mini-series. There are four parts to this and it runs around six hours. The music in The Stand is excellent. The film opens with a security guard at a top-secret American military base. A virus somehow gets out of the containment vats and infects everyone at the base. At the last second the guard escapes from the base and travels half way through the country, infecting everyone he comes into contact with. After that it is only a matter of time. The film shows the collapse of the country and in the end there are two groups of survivors; one group focuses on the teachings of good, the other on evil. It is up to the followers of God to make a final stand against the forces of Randall Flag (a demonic creature from another dimension) Stephen King molds elements of horror, philosophy, and spine twisting carnage together in The Stand. I recommend it to anyone who wants to watch an apocolyptic horror film. 8/10

The Crazies (2010)

While I am a fan of George Romero and his classic horror films, I have never seen the original of this, because I can't find it anywhere. The re-make The Crazies however, is an excellent stand alone film. This film focuses on the citizens of Ogden Marsh, a small rural town in Iowa. The government was flying a top-secret virus to a waste facility to destroy the virus forever, but due to circumstance the plane was hit by lightning during a storm and crashed into a water resevoir that fed into town. Thus, the virus spreads to almost everyone in Ogden Marsh. The film details the effects of the virus and the Military attempt to contain it. While not quite a zombie film, this film is more of a virus/containment film, but is superior to other films like Containment because it actually has a very well-done plot, special effects, score, and you become familiar with the characters. You want them to escape and make it out of Ogden Marsh. 7.9/10

The Devil's Rejects (2005)

Musician Rob Zombie made his horror debut with House of a Thousand Corpses and while I respect that film and would put it on my list of top ten favorite horror films; I believe his sequel The Devil's Rejects to be superior. The sequel in my opinion is better in terms of plot, direction, and characters. The film builds on the characters of House of a Thousand Corpses, but instead of viewing these characters as one-dimensional as in House of a Thousand Corpses you actually view them as three dimensional characters in Devil's Rejects. That is why I would grade this film as superior in quality. This horror film delivers in every regard and is an excellent film to watch on Halloween, but I recommend watching House of a Thousand Corpses first to become aquainted with the main characters in this. 7.5/10