Ham and Mushroom CalzoneCredit: eGDC LtdIngredients

Pizza dough mix - one packet, approximately 145g

Buffalo mozzarella - one ball, approximately 125g

Ham - Prosciutto de Palma, approximately 70g

2- 3 Mushrooms

Pizza topping - half a jar, approximately 130g


Olive oil (normal, not extra virgin)

Warm water

Plain flour

Calzone IngredientsCredit: eGDC Ltd

Cooking equipment

Pizza tray, 13" in diameter

Normal baking tray

Mixing bowl

Pastry mat

Rolling pin


Wash and slice the mushrooms. Porcini mushrooms (also known as ceps) are preferred, but these can be difficult to obtain fresh, or even dried, so normal mushrooms will do.

Shred the prosciutto ham. If you can't get prosciutto, a similar ham such as Spanish Serrano can be used.

If using buffalo mozzarella, it should come in liquid in a container. Drain the liquid off. Cube the mozzarella.

Pre-heat the oven to 200°C.

Making the Dough

This is made using packet mix for convenience. Check the instructions on the packet, they may vary from these.

Empty one packet of pizza mix into the mixing bowl. Add 100ml of warm water - warm it in the kettle, do not get it from the tap. Stir the pizza mix and water together until you get a lump of dough.

Pizza Dough(112125)Credit: eGDC LtdLightly dust your hands and the pastry mat with some plain flour to prevent the dough from sticking. Place the mix onto the mat and knead the dough for five minutes. If it starts to stick, use a bit more plain flour.

After the dough has been kneaded , roll it into a ball. Dust your rolling pin with the plain flour, and start rolling the dough into a circle. Roll the dough, turn 45 degrees, then roll again.

Rolled Out Pizza DoughCredit: eGDC LtdKeep doing this until you have a roughly circular pizza base about 13" or more in diameter. The base wants to be quite thin, although not so thin that it easily tears.

To make the base perfectly circular, place the pizza tray on the top of the base, then score around it with a blunt knife to remove the excess. Discard the scraps. This is not actually necessary, but rolling a perfect circle takes a lot of practice, and doing this makes the calzone look neater.

Trimmed DoughCredit: eGDC LtdThe dough now needs to stand for about five minutes. Place the base on top of the tray and leave. Depending on the instructions on the mix, you may be required to cover it with cling film.

Making the Calzone

After the dough has stood for five minutes, add the pizza topping. Again, pre-made is being used for convenience. Using a spoon, spread the topping on one half of the dough, making sure you don't get too near the edges to reduce the chance of any escaping during cooking.

Dough With Pizza SauceCredit: eGDC LtdAdd a layer of sliced mushrooms, a layer of shredded ham and a layer of cubed mozzarella. There should be enough for another layer, so repeat this.

Calzone With IngredientsCredit: eGDC LtdSprinkle some oregano on top of the contents, then drizzle with some olive oil. Use normal, not extra virgin; extra virgin should really only be used in cold dishes and dressings.

Calzone With All FillingsCredit: eGDC LtdFold the other half of the dough over the fillings, then crimp the edges.

Folded CalzoneCredit: eGDC Ltd


Place the pizza tray on the top shelf of the pre-heated oven.

Place the other baking tray on the shelf beneath this. Should any liquid escape from the calzone during cooking, it is easier to clean another baking tray than the oven.

Cook for about 30 to 35 minutes, although check it during cooking.