Try the Hamilton Beach Set and Forget Slow Cooker in Your Home!

The Hamilton Beach Set and Forget Slow Cooker is one of those rare kitchen appliances that you find yourself turning to time and time again for hot, home cooked meals; even when you are short on time. The full size, 6-Quart crock pot has enough room to make dinner such as pot roast and potatoes, chili and even can fit a whole chicken in the large cooking area.

The front panel of the Hamilton Beach Set and Forget Slow Cooker has an LED digital control center which allows you to manually turn the unit on and off, and set the time and temperature for cooking. The flat screen operates by push button controls, which can give you greater accuracy in setting just the right time and temperature to ensure your dishes always come out perfect.

You can also opt to use the automatic function which programs the unit based on what you are cooking and you even have a third option of using a probe which will cook the meat until the right temperature is reached, which then causes the machine to automatically turn the heat down to warm to prevent overcooking of meats and foods. Add to that the ability to set the timer to turn the machine off and on at a specified time and you have a fully functional slow cooker that takes guesswork out of making dinner.

From parents on the go to families that want a hot meal ready when everyone gets home, this slow cooker has all of the features, functions and capacity needed for both singles and larger families. The lid comes with clips that help keep it on tight, which is ideal when you have small children and want to make sure the lid stays on to keep the heat inside. Even the tempered handles on the side make transporting dishes elsewhere easy and safe. In fact, the dishwasher safe crock and lid fit in to a standard dishwasher, making cleanup a breeze as well.

The best part about this unit is the size. With enough room to prepare as little or as much food as you need; you can pick and choose what to make in the slow cooker. From full meals to side dishes and even dessert; the Hamilton Beach Set and Forget Slow Cooker is one appliance you will turn to time and time again. The only drawback for this higher end model is the slightly higher price when compared to more basic crock pot options.

Even with a higher price tag, this durable, sturdy and fully functional slow cooker is just the type of appliance and extra hand you need in the kitchen when you find it hard to get dinner prepped and ready after getting home in the evenings. You can get everything ready the night before, place it in the crock, put it in the fridge and simply set the timer to turn the machine on so that when you do get home from work and ready for a good, home cooked meal; everything is ready to serve.

The Hamilton Beach Set and Forget Slow Cooker

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Credit: J. Fletcher