A top notch commercial blender can make the most delicious smoothies, milkshakes, and margaritas for your restaurant, coffee shop, or bar. Hamilton beach commercial blenders are quality products to purchase online. They can be expensive, if you're shopping for a 3 HP motor blender, or if you're shopping for noise-resistant Hamilton Beach commercial blenders for smoothies and milkshakes. You can also find blenders going for under $500 dollars where they might not have quite as many features, but can still serve delicious ice cold beverages to keep your customers coming back for seconds and thirds. If you already have a Hamilton Beach blender, and you're looking to purchase Hamilton Beach replacement parts, then you can find what you need to make your blender operate as if it were brand new. Hamilton Beach replacement parts are available online for cheap prices. Bottom screw caps, fills caps, gaskets, blender blades, and Hamilton Beach replacement parts kits are all available to purchase.

Hamilton Beach Commercial Blenders Around a $1,000 Dollars

Hamilton Beach HBS1200 Commercial Revolution Ice Shaver

Hamilton Beach HBS1200 Commercial Revolution Ice Shaver - You might be thinking how can commercial blenders cost so much? Well, you can purchase really good Hamilton Beach commercials blenders, and other products well under a $1,000 dollars. However, it is hard to find a noise reduced blender. Especially a noise reduced blender under a $1,000 dollars. Blenders are noisy, and loud. If you can find a noise reducer for business use, then that's a good purchase to make. You don't want to disrupt your customer's after all. The HBS1200 are heavily featured Hamilton Beach commercial blenders. Features include a 2-and-1 bar drink system. It can make smoothies, margaritas, and basically any other cold drink. The hopper can hold up to 5 gallons of ice. It's a powerful 3 HP motor. You really can't go wrong with this blender. It's a pretty flawless commercial blender. You can purchase online at wasserstrom, and the webstaurant store.

Hamilton Beach Commercial Summit Blender HBH859-CE - Another heavily featured Hamilton Beach commercial blender that's design to make the prefect drink. It has a flawless feature called the "One Touch Sensor Blending" that blends the perfect mixed drink every single time. It's a pre-programmed blender that comes with a 64 ounce polycarbonate container. It comes with a 3 horse power motor. It's an auto-shutoff blender, so basically the machine does all the work to blend the very best drink. Basically all you do is program it, and push a bottom. You can purchase online at foodservicedirect.com, valuepluspaper, and wasserstrom.

Hamilton Beach Commercial Blenders Under $500 Dollars

Hamilton Beach Commercial Rio 32 oz Bar Blender

Hamilton Beach Commercial Rio 32 oz Bar Blender - A good bar blender doesn't necessarily have to cost you thousands of dollars. The Rio 32 oz are solid Hamilton Beach commercial blenders used to blend margaritas, smoothies, or any other kind of drink. It's a 1/2 HP motor, providing plenty of power to blend a delicious drink for customers. It comes with a stainless steel container, and two different speed options. It will blend ice in just 20 seconds. It will blend drinks fast and easy, and should keep restaurant and bar owners pleased with their service. You can purchase online at amazon, cook's direct, and comet supply.

Hamilton Beach TempestHamilton Beach Tempest - A pretty simple blender to use. The Tempest is one of the better Hamilton Beach commercial blenders under $500 dollars for restaurants, coffee shops, and bars to use. Comes with a 64 ounce polycarbonate container, a programmable timer, an auto shutoff, and the wave-action system. It's a two speed motor that features stainless steel blades. You can purchase with a 2 year warranty. You can buy online at overstock, restaurantsource.com, eTundra.com, and galasource.com.

Where to Buy Hamilton Beach Replacement Parts

Hamilton Beach Replacement Parts Kit - If you're looking for a full kit of Hamilton Beach replacement parts, then you can purchase brand new steel cutter blades, a gasket, screw cap, and a fill cap. It should basically fit on all Hamilton Beach commercial blenders and Hamilton kitchen blenders. It will also fit on any proctor-silex 6-16 speed blenders. The entire kit of Hamilton Beach replacement parts are rather cheap, they only cost about ten dollars. You can purchase Hamilton Beach replacement parts kits online at amazon, today concept, and supreme hardware.

Hamilton Beach Bottom Screw Cap - Without the screw cap you can't hold the blender blade into the jar. The screw caps are extremely cheap Hamilton Beach replacement parts that won't cost you more than five dollars online at amazon, goodmans.net, and the housewares store. It's a white plastic ring cap.

Hamilton Beach Bottom Fill Cap - The plastic measuring cup will fit on all Hamilton Beach blenders. It only costs about three dollars online at foodservicewarehouse.com, and simplysolutionsinc.com.

Hamilton Beach Blender Gasket - A gasket is really cheap and easy to find for just a dollar online at amazon. They'll fit any Hamilton Beach commercial blender and homemade blender.

Hamilton Beach Commercial Blender Blades - Obviously there the most important Hamilton Beach replacement part is the blender. The Hamilton Beach Blenders 015 will fit Hamilton Beach blenders 908, 909, and 939. It should fit both domestic and commercial blenders.