One of the most popular and well-known brands of smoothie maker is a brand called Hamilton Beach. This is because they manufacture quite a few different models that are not only fantastic value for money, but they are high quality products that will give you years and years of good use. If you are thinking about

Buying an Hamilton beach smoothie maker

Then your best choice is definitely going to be the Internet. The Internet is a place that not only can you pick up fantastic bargains, but you can read unbiased and honest opinions of products before you buy.

Hamilton Beach Smoothie MakerHow many times have you purchased a product from your local shopping mall and found out that it does not live up to the quality that is stated on the packaging. You then read online reviews of the product and find out when its too late that the product you purchased is rubbish.

So before you buy the first Hamilton beach smoothie maker that you see. Shop around and do your research online to find out how good the machine is.

Let's take a quick look at just 3 different models of Hamilton beach smoothie maker that are out there in the marketplace.

The first model that we are going to look at is the Hamilton beach 50754 wavestation. This model runs off a very powerful 700 watt motor and has got a whopping 10 different speed settings. Some of the main features of this blender include cup activated dispenser, which allows for one hand operation and serving. It has also got a tilted jar design that looks absolutely stunning as well as being ergonomically designed for ease of use. It has got a mammoth 56 ounce blending jar which means it's big enough to be used by all the family, no matter now big your family is. The blending jar is also double insulated, with a large handle and drip free spout. The unique wave action system of this smoothie maker ensures that full mixed results are obtained at every blend.

The second Hamilton beach smoothie maker that we are going to look at is the fabulous Hamilton Beach 51101 smoothie maker. This model has got a small 175 watt motor and is designed to be used as a single serve blender due to its small 14 ounce blending container. So if you are looking for a cheaper smoothie maker for just single mixes then this is definitely a model that you need to look at. It is so quick and easy to use with its one touch operation and touch and durable stainless steel mixing blades. The blending cup also doubles up as a travel mug and will fit comfortably into most car cup holders. Also included with this wonderful smoothie maker is a recipe book to get you starting on your smoothie making straight away.

The third and final model of Hamilton beach smoothie maker that we are going to take a quick look at is the Hamilton Beach 54615 Wavestation Express Smoothie Maker. This blender runs off a power 500 watt motor and has got 4 speed setting with one pulse setting to make chopping solids such as ice an absolute breeze. It has got patented stainless steel ice sabre blades and a 48 ounce durablend blending jar. The unique selling point of this smoothie maker is the wave action system, which help to ensure that the ingredients are forced down into the bottom so that you obtain the best and smoothest results that you can at every mix.