Hamlet and Ophelia

In this Shakespeare story, there are many very different people who all have very different relationships and conflicts with situations around them. We our going to focus on two very unique people, Hamlet and Ophelia. These two characters have so much happening in their lives and we are going to discuss the emotions that they are feeling in them.

Hamlet was a thirty year old man who was stricken from his right to be king. His Uncle Claudius took the throne from him when his father died. Hamlet was very confused, hurt, and angry. He wasn't sure why his mother seemed so happy and in love with his uncle, because she was supposed to be mourning over her husband. This all started out the confused and crazy behavior of Hamlet. When Hamlet saw the ghost and learned the real manner of his father's death he was in shock and swore to himself that he would get revenge on Claudius. He chose to deal with this by acting like he was crazy.

Another big downfall for Hamlet was when Ophelia broke up with him. When she did this, he acted as if he didn't care. He says, "You should not have believed me, for virtue cannot so inoculate out old stock but we shall relish of it. I loved you not" (Hamlet, 3.1.116-117). Just by the way he denied he ever loved her, made me think that he loved her all the more. He was trying to make her think that he didn't love her because he didn't want her to pity him.

When Hamlet murders Polonius it was a quick act of anger and jealousy. He was jealous of Claudius and hated him for it. He chose to hold off murdering Claudius, and in his act of doing that he turned his anger on other people. Towards the end of the story, you can see that Hamlet's act of craziness wasn't just an act anymore. Everything that had happened and was happening to him, really took a toll on him. He let all of his feelings bottle up inside of him and in the end he made very rash decisions. In the end, Hamlet got revenge on all the people that had hurt him. But he also died, and never again had the chance to be the king that he always wanted to be.

Ophelia was another character that had very many different things going on in her life. She was a young, sweet girl and things just seemed to be going wrong for her. She was under peer pressure to break up with Hamlet and she did. I think that she truly loved Hamlet, and it broke her heart to do this and also to see Hamlet's reaction. When Hamlet was acting crazy, Ophelia was very troubled by this. She knew that something was not right and believed that he never loved her. She met with him and returned his gifts to her. She says, "Take these again, for to the noble mind rich gifts wax poor when givers prove unkind" (Hamlet, 3.1.100-101). His words of rejection that he said to her were very harsh on her. She chose to forget she ever loved Hamlet.

When Ophelia's father was murdered, her heart was torn out of her. This was too much for her to handle. Ophelia went crazy and was in complete shock. She was speaking to the king and queen and did not make sense in any of her words. Later that day, Ophelia drowned herself in a river. Her feelings of fear and loneliness drove her to suicide. She felt as if she didn't have anyone or anything left in her life that was worth living for.

Looking more deeply into the lives of these two characters reveals feelings and emotions that many people deal with everyday. It's good to share your feelings with someone and not keep them bottled up inside of you, because one day you will just explode. Hamlet and Ophelia chose not let them out and in the end they both ended up dying. When you read Shakespeare, it is better to look more deeply in the story and find out all the true importance of it. It makes the story have an entirely different meaning.