Hamster toys are a necessary part of every rodents life for several reasons. While entertainment is a big factor - It can't be that much fun being locked in a cage for most of the day - Health is another reason why your little pet needs toys in his life. Without regular exercise, your pet could get sick. So what kind of toys are best for a hamster? There are a ton of things that your hamster can do to keep healthy. He could climb, chew or dig but the most common type of exercise is easily running. Below you'll find a number of different running toy ideas for your hamster.

When you think of hamsters, nothing comes to mind faster than a hamster wheel. This toy has been a mainstay in hamster cages for year! In fact, it's tough to even picture a hamster without a wheel. As far as running toys for hamsters go, this is an absolute must. It's pretty easy to pick one out but you should consider a few points before making a purchase. Remember that most of the best deals for these things can be found online. You can also get exactly what you want. A good hamster wheel should be the proper size for your pet. If you have a small dwarf hamster, look out for a smaller wheel. Larger Syrian hamsters, on the other hand, are better suited to larger wheels. Another thing you should definitely look for is a solid running surface. Those ladder like deals with a series of metal rungs are not good for small animals. Your pet could easily hurt his leg in one of these hamster toys. A solid running surface will give your hamster the exercise he needs without risking his health.

Another kind of hamster running toy that I absolutely adore is the run-about. This product is also known as a hamster exercise ball and can be found at a number of online vendors. Check out your local pet shop if you're not comfortable shopping online yet. The run-about is essentially a clear plastic ball that your hamster fits inside. You put the little guy in there, take him out of his cage and then let him rip! This toy allows your hamster to explore the house without hurting himself. I found that our hamster, Jerry, was very fond of chasing our children around the house. When choosing a hamster exercise wheel for your pet, look for something with little holes in it. Most hamsters will work up quite a sweat in these and it's important that the ball is ventilated properly. You should also watch your pet at all times while he's using this particular hamster toy. He'll probably be alright but it's best to be on the safe side.