Hamster Toys For Kids

One of the hot and high tech gifts for Christmas this year are the Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters. These Hamster toys for kids are very cute and fun for kids to play with.

The toy company offers 5 variations of hamster toys for kids. ZhuZhu also offers accessories for your pet hamster toy such as interlocking tubes for a realistic habitat for your toy hamster.

What Does The Toy Hamster Do?

The pet hamsters for kids will roam around your house. If the toy hamster bumps into a wall it will make a sound and then change direction. You can also pet your hamster and it will make "cooing sounds". You can change your toy hamster from roaming mode to cuddling mode by pressing gently on the toy hamsters back.

If your child wants a real hamster as a pet but you do not feel they are ready yet to care for a live animal then the ZhuZhu toy hamster is an excellent alternative. This toy hamster will teach your kids about caring for a pet and they can not accidentally "kill it".

What accessories Are Available For The Toy Hamsters?

.• Toy hamster fun house
• Toy hamster wheel and tunnel
• Toy hamster car and garage
• Toy hamster spiral slide and ramp
• Toy hamster adventure ball
• Toy hamster surfboard and sleep dome
• Toy hamster skateboard and U-turn
• Toy hamster pet bed and blanket
• Toy hamster pet carrier and blanket

The hamster car and garage looks like a very fun add on. Even the adults will be laughing at a toy hamster cruising around in a toy car.

According to the ZhuZhu website you can buy these toy hamsters for kids at Wal-Mart, Toys "R" Us, and Target.

ZhuZhu has not been advertising heavily but many kids already are familiar with them. I expect many kids will see a toy hamster their friend got and then decide they want one too.

ZhuZhu has directions for kids to play hide and seek with their toy hamster. The kid hides and waits for the toy hamster to find it. Hours and hours of fun for the kids while the parents play canasta onChristmas day.

This YouTube video shows a ZhuZhu toy hamster for kids in action along with various accessories that are available for the ZhuZhu pet toy hamsters.

The ZhuZhu hamster toy for kids will be very popular this Christmas. Make sur eyou get yours now before they sell out.