If you are an asthma sufferer, there are lots of different solutions out there for easing and improving your asthma symptoms. Probably one of the most popular ways to treat the problem is with an hand held nebulizer. Basically it is similar to an inhaler but instead of putting an inhaler into your mouth that spits out the pressurized vapor. You wear a mask or mouthpiece which is connected to the nebulizer which is powered electrically to change the liquid medication into a fine vapor, which is sent via plastic tubing to the mouthpiece or mask. Most hand held nebulizers will have a built in compressor which is used to deliver the fine vapor medicine to the asthma sufferer.

These hand held nebulizers are fantastic because you no longer have to worry about your breathing problems when you are out. There are lots of different brands out there to choose from and the sizes in each different brand can vary quite a bit. Usually the smaller the nebulizers the higher the price.

A good brand of hand held nebulizer is Omron with many people considering this brand to be the best in the marketplace today. Some of their units are so small and compact that they can be carried around in your pocket or purse. Some of the features that make Omron handheld nebulizers stand out from the rest is, the compressor is so quiet its virtually silent. When it is running you can not hear it running, but don't let the quiet running operation fool you in to thinking that it isn't delivering the medicine into dense fumes that are going to penetrate you lungs. This unit delivers, and its no noise and vibration free operation makes it perfect to use in almost any location, be it at school, your workplace or even on airplanes.

When choosing one to buy, it would be a wise move to choose an hand held nebulizer which is small, compact and runs off rechargeable batteries. Always buy one with a well known popular brand name. So that you know that you are going to get a quality product that is going to operate correctly for years to come. When it comes to your health and well being, you should never sacrifice this to save yourself a few dollars by buying a unbranded hand held nebulizer which isn't going to give you the same fantastic results as you get from the well known and highly respected brands such as Omron.