What woman with any kind of fashion sense dares walk out their home without a handbag. The answer to that would be none, at least none from this earth. The handbag is as synonymous with her outfit as the jewelery she has on and the heels she wears on her feet and right down to the make up on her face. From celebrities to the average everyday folk woman the handbag is as essential as to her as anything she has on if not the quintessential ornament she is sporting. Even if was not needed to carry all their personal belongings or the handbag was completely empty I truly believe it would still be carried if even for the fashion statement it delivers.

A handbag is never just a bag to carry things in although it can be but why not dress it up. These days you got such a big variety that you can even buy handbags made from recycled waste. There are even bags made from straw which would be excellent material for say taking that type of a tote bag to the beach where it will weather the sand very well as opposed to say leather or cloth. What, with all the sand and all, it would simply drain right out through the pours of the straw. Where as if had any other type of bag it would capture all those sand grains and that would be no fun and messy and probably require a vacuum of some sort to get it all out.

Having such a wide array choices when it comes to bags that it don't matter what side of the buying spectrum you're on. Of course we would all like to be on the ultra luxury end where we are getting custom designed bags by major designers just like the stars but unfortunately that is just a pipe dream for most of us but that shouldn't mean that the rest of us can't look as good or even better than the celebrities with our totes. If you happen to be sporting a knock off of the real thing who is going to call you out on it and tell you that it's not the real deal? Nobody will, so just use perceived wealth as your friend.

With the choices that are available to us all there isn't any reason to wine about what you can't have and being a pessimist by looking at things with an approach that the the glass is half empty. Just look around from thrift stores to the department stores your bound to find something that suits your needs whether it be a tote bag you take on a trip where you are going to be outdoors to say a bag your going to sport to a formal gala it's all there for you as long as you remember to keep an open mind, be realistic and you start to see the options that are for you.