If you're interested in hand-crafted charm jewelry, you may be interested in Chamilia charms. Made by a US company, Chamilia sells beads made from Silver, Gold, Murano glass and enamel. The beads are specifically designed to be interchangeable and worn on a bracelet, necklace or anklet. One thing that has made charm jewelry, with interchangeable charms so popular is the ability to switch beads around to match mood or style, and Chamilia does a very good job of providing beads that can do this.

Their most famous collection is the Disney collection, a set of beads featuring some of the most popular, loveable and favourite Disney characters. You have the old-timers such as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, and of course Donald and Daisy Duck. Then there are the newer featured characters such as Tinkerbell, and the Pooh Bear charac Even Kermit the frog makes an appearance.

Chamilia beads are usually organized or categorized at least in sets, such as the animal set, holiday set, spiritual set, family set and sports set. Another popular set is the Swarovski crystal set, gorgeous charms with the crystal stones set in them--a definite 'must have' when it comes to the Chamilia charms.

The company started in 2002, and in spite of fairly stiff competition from other Charm jewelry manufacturers Chamilia has been holding its own. Selling to markets in the US, Europe and the UK and Australia, while not the most popular or best selling charm jewelry, they have carved out a respectable clientele of Chamilia fans. With a total of over 600 beads on sale, and more being produced each year, there is definitely something that suits everyone.

All of their jewelry is completely customizable and can be switched and matched to whatever you're wearing, or whatever suits your current mood. Standard bracelet sizes range from six to nine and half inches in length, the beads are screwed onto the bracelet, and placed in whatever order you feel looks best. Chamilia has also produced locks, which are beads that can be placed on the charm bracelet to stop the charms from slipping around the bracelet too much.

If you are looking for some Chamilia charms, I'd suggest that you search on line. Many different online retailers are offering Chamilia charms, and it is fairly easy to place your order online. Most charms will be shipped out to you within a couple of business days. An alternative place to search for charms is at online auction sites, where sometimes you can pick up second-hand charms at a very reasonable cost.