There used to be this local radio show in the town that I grew up in. Every Saturday there would be this law expert that would take phone calls from people that had legal questions. One day someone called in with a problem about a handicap bathtub conversion that they had never got around to.

They explained that their aunt had come to visit. She had asked that they make sure to install a handlebar into the tub to make it safe for her to get in and out. The nephew had decided that this request was silly and had not installed the bar.

Well, the aunt had slipped in the bathtub and was now suing her nephew for not installing the bar. He was asking the lawyer if he really needed to have gotten handicap bathtub conversion done before his aunt got there.

The lawyer explained that anyone can sue anyone for anything. What matters is how the case is presented. He said that there was a very good chance that he could lose this case.

Then, the lawyer asked what kind of a relationship the man had with his aunt. The man said that he and his aunt had always been very close. The lawyer then broke character a little. The lawyer said that family disagreements are best solved outside of the courtroom.

He said that maybe he should apologize to the aunt for not converting the bathroom when he should have. The man asked if it was a bad idea to admit he was guilty when there was going to be a case.

The lawyer said that the man didn’t need to record himself apologizing. He just needed to do it. They laughed and then the man got very quiet. The lawyer asked him what was wrong. The man then said that for the first time he realized that he had done something wrong.

He had been so annoyed about the case that he hadn’t stopped to consider that he may have made a mistake. He thought about it and the handicap bathtub conversion definitely should have happened. He had hurt his aunt through indolence.

I’ve thought about this call a lot over the years. I don’t want to be that guy. I don’t want to be the person so caught up in not doing something that I forget how important it is to do it. This is just one example of someone not considering how much they like someone.

When you care about someone, you make sure that they are safe. Sometimes this requires changing things about the place you live. If you are willing to take care of someone, then take care of them. Don’t leave dangers around for them to get hurt on.

Handicap bathtub conversion shows the disabled people in your life that you care. Also, it might just save you from a lawsuit that you won’t want to be part of. So, take the time to rebuild your house to meet the needs of those dwelling in it.