I heard about an interesting race between handicap equipped vehicles. This race sounded very dangerous to me when I first heard about it. That was before I heard about the specifics of the race. I think that you will like this story as you listen to it.

So, go ahead and forget about anything you have against people racing automobiles. Sure, sometimes it has disastrous results, but this time it just has happy results. It all started when an injured racecar driver decided that he wanted to race again.

He was friends with other people that all used wheelchairs. All of them wanted to be part of a car race but none of them knew how. At first they got offers to be able to ride along with a driver during a race. They didn’t like this option because they wanted to be the actual drivers. So, they kept on trying to find ways to live out their dream.

One day a police officer heard about their plight. He told them that he could close down a road for them if they found some handicap equipped vehicles to race in. Then, a reporter heard about this offer, so they ran a story about it.

In a week a dozen people had volunteered their handicap equipped vehicles for the race. The men were very excited that it looked like they were going to be able to have a race. They started training for the race every day.

Then, public opinion shifted the other way. People began to worry that these men were too disabled to be doing something like this. They thought that someone might get hurt. This led to an outcry from disabled people everywhere.

They said that the men should be able to take part in this race. They said that just because someone can’t use their legs, that doesn’t mean they can’t drive. The race continued as planned. The men drove around the closed off street for hours.

The race ended and they still raced around the track. The police officer had to pull them all over and tell them to stop. It was clear that all of the men had won the race. They said that it was the greatest adventure that they had ever had.

The people who lent the cars felt really good about their decision. I like this story because it shows that people can do things if they want to. These men did not give up because they were disabled.

Instead they lived their dream and were happy because of it. I hope that you were able to be inspired by this story. I know that car racing is scary, and you might have been worried about the men. Hopefully you were still able to enjoy the story.

Also, this story shows that handicap equipped vehicles are a great way to drive. They can work just as well as a real car. I don’t suggest you race them unless you know what you’re doing and have a legal place to have the race.