Keep your face to the sunshine, and you cannot see the shadow" - Helen Keller

Physical disability deprives the power to work naturally. It is the deformity that detroit confidence. In result most of the cripples have to live in distress as burden to their families. But people who dare to take it as challenge definitely create success stories. The world is full of such examples when differently able people denied to bow down to physical impairment and became the role model for their followers.

People who dared to take handicap as challenge: - There are several people worldwide who fought against their physical disabilities and finally made success stories to inspire others. Let us know such daring people to get inspiration experiences.

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(A.) Evelyn Glennie: The Shining Inspiration For Deaf

Evelyn Glennie, the most popular "Percussionist" accepted her disability of hearing as challenge and decided to live a normal life. Her strong determination and hard work brought sweet fruits. Even her profound deafness never become barrier to cross the boundaries associated with music.

Being deaf since the age of eight, Evelyn did not give up and decided to adopt music as her life. She had made decision after seeing a girl playing Xylophone. Though teachers discouraged her but Ron Forbes recognised her talent and came forward to help her. He brought two large drums for tuning and suggested her to feel notes.

Fortunately she succeeded to feel different notes pouring in different parts of her body. Firstly she auditioned for "Royal Academy Of Music In London" and made audience spell-bound. She proved that one can meet impossible denying disability if one has courage. Finally she began to write history of success and awarded 15 honorary doctorates from U.K. universities. She too, got hall of fame from percussive art society.

"Evelyn Glennie listen to sound without hearing it" - Deborah Cowley

The Performance Beyond Imagination

(B.) Wilma Rudolph: The Fastest Lady On The Track

Wilma Rudolph, the first American athlete, who won the three "gold medals" in a single Olympic and proved that handicap could not be barrier if accepted as challenge. The black pearl who made the world stunned had to suffer from polio for years since the age of four. In adverse result she had to wear a brace for support on her left leg. Even she wore orthopedic shoe for two years and underwent surgery. But dedicated efforts of her mother and uninterrupted determination of Wilma helped her persuade the handicap.Via Wikipedia

Rudolph became worthy to walk and run begin free of handicap in age of 12 and decided to become a basketball player like her elder sister. Her strong determination helped her prove the worth. She became champion of her team in high school where her coach recognise running talent. He helped her make a place in olympic in 1956. Wilma won bronze medal in 4x100 metre relay race. In 1960 during Rome olympics she won three gold medals and proved herself as the inspirational model for others.

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(C.) Louis Braille: Who Changed The World Of Visually Impaired

Louis Braille, a 12 year blind French teenager; developed the unique code popularly known as "The Braille Script" and changed the life of visually impaired people around the globe. His incredible gift helped the blind men explore reading and writing without vision. In three years of age the child of French saddle maker poked himself by an owl, the stitching tool and lost his sight due to infection. But the child, louis desperately wanted to read.Via Wikipedia

Undoubtedly in lack of sight he was unable to explore the vast world of thought in books and other sources. He didn't give up hope and joined school of blinds. Realizing the difficulty he decided to come with an idea to help himself in studies and other too. "God helps those who help themselves". Fortunately a farmer soldier named Charles Barbier visited the school and shared his secret called "night writing". It was a code of 12 raised dots and some dashes. Which was use to share top-secret information to soldiers on the battlefield to make them aware about next turn. Although the code was hard for soldiers but it was easier for Braille. 

Louis Braille developed his own code using six raised dots and made reading and writing convenient. It began to spread worldwide after his death and soon it proved its excellence. The man who vowed to make his own way to explore the world of education, help blind people globally to get educated.

(D.) Sudha Chandran: The Lady With Indomitable Spirit

Sudha Chandra, the well-known name in television, film and dance industries, did not bow down to her disability. The woman had lost her leg in ghastly car accident in  South India in May 1981, made audience spell-bound with her dance with "Jaipur Foot". The dance performer Sudha proved that no handicap, though big and formidable can never be barrier to journey to success. As an excellent dancer since childhood, she started learning dance at the age of five from dance academy at Mumbai.

In spite of losing her right leg, she did not give up hope to dance again. Dr. P.K. Sethi, designed a special Jaipur foot for her. The woman with strong dream practiced and gave her first performance to make audience spell-bound. Even dance critics failed to differentiate between her present and past performances. It is obvious that handicap may make ordinary people helpless but cannot succeed to stop the people with burning desire.

(E.) Helen Keller: The Most Admired Lady

Via WikipediaHelen Keller who is known to face lots of odds in her life because of visual and hearing impairment. But the woman with strong will became the first person to graduate from college in spite of her disabilities to hear and see. Later she proved overcoming obstacles of life need wish, determination and dedication.

Helen Keller an introduction - Although Helen Adam Keller was born as a normal healthy baby but at the age of 19 months; she had to suffer scarlet fever and lose the ability to see and hear. Helen didn't lose hope and learnt sixty signs to communicate with family members and others around her.

Due to disability she had become frustrated and wild. Fortunately Ann Sullivan came in her life as savior and worked hardly to make her learn. In the beginning it was not easy but gradually a sound relation developed between teacher and pupil. Finally Ann succeeded to maker her learn about 30 words in a day helping her to make object and letter connection. Later Keller became determined to get higher education and graduated and became the first person with visual and hearing impairment to graduate from college. She got the 'Presidential Medal Of Freedom" award, one of the highest civilian honours of U.S.A, In 1944 by President Lyndon B. Johnson.

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Handicap Is Hardship But Not A Barrier

"A happy life consists not in the absence but in the mastery of hardships" - Helen Keller

Undoubtedly deformity is a great hindrance but if one fights with strong will then success cannot be denied. But most cripples take their disability negatively and fall in distress. Only few daring people deny to stay as alien and create golden inspiration history.