Life is unpredictable and change is never easy. Some people know immediately what they want, how they will do it and when it will happen. Having a plan is key to living a productive life. How do you adjust when your plans are derailed and you must choose another path? Legal or financial troubles dictate future paths your life will take. It may feel like the end of the world but your life will be great again. It may not resemble your past, but rebuilding will shape your future.

It is okay to be sad when your life changes, but do not live in the past. Past accomplishments like home ownership, academic and occupational accomplishments can never be taken from you. Let them remain a sense of pride and a future goal to attain. Do not dwell on past accomplishments as looking at the past blinds you for the future.

Reevaluate friendships when rebuilding. Surround yourself with people who support and encourage your evolving state. Avoid people who rehash the past. Constantly remembering whatever caused your changes and how you used to live do not help to improve your frame of mind. You do not need a verbal relay of your past because you were there living it. Use this time as an excellent excuse to lose communication with negative people. True friends provide support in your new life and offer opportunities that assist in constructing the new you.

Note your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. "I cant" flows off the tongue, but it is harder to realize what you CAN do. Humans are not one trick ponies. Man is versatile and able to adapt. Working in the medical field may not be a reality anymore but you have always sewn beautiful clothing. Your eyes have lost the ability to focus on the computer screen but you still turn out envious home based craft projects. Legal issues find you at your wits end while seeking employment. Time spent at home allows you to develop and execute a business plan that has been mulling around in your head for years. Finding new direction in life is about rediscovering your talents.

Finally remember to always be educated on your situation. If legal troubles caused your changes, stay abreast of current events so you do not receive legal surprises. If financial issues changed your life, take courses and read to not have a repeat of previous failures. Reducing your unknown variables help you feel more control in your life. Changes happen in life and the lessons you learn while in the recovery phase help make you stronger for the future.