diaper cake
Credit: thecookduke.com

First time mothers need all the help they can get.  Everyone loves handmade gifts, they show that you really put the time in to think of that person. Why not give that first mom in your life a great homemade gift for her baby shower.  Here are some homemade gifts she will love.
Diaper cake: A diaper cake is a great way to add some essentials for new moms including the biggest essential, diapers. Here is what you will need:
1 package of newborn or size 1 diapersBag of rubber bandsribbonBaby rattles and toysBottle of baby wash or lotionTravel size shampoo, powder, baby wash and lotion
Unfold all diapers. Roll all the diapers up and secure with a rubber band.  Place 7-8 diapers around bottle of baby wash or lotion. Tie a piece of ribbon around all diapers.  Start a second layer of 5-6 diapers on top of the first layer and tie another ribbon around second layer.  Top off with a third layer of 3-4 diapers.  Stick rattles and travel size products in between the layers of the cake.
Essentials Gift Baskets: There are some things that every new mother is going to need for baby such as shampoo and nail clippers. Why not help her out by putting them in a nice basket for her.  Wrap the basket in pretty cellophane wrap and your basket will be the talk of the party.  Here are some items you can include in the basket:
2-3 onesies1-2 night gowns1-2 pairs of socks1 pair of footie pajamas1 bottle baby wash1 bottle baby powder1 pair of baby nail clippers1 package of baby bottles1 bottle of baby lotion1 package baby wash cloths2-3 burp cloths2-3 receiving blankets2-3 bibs
Afghans: This was the best gift I received at my baby shower.  If you have great knitting skills, this is the perfect gift to give the new mom.  It shows that you really put thought and time into making something just for her.  

Baby bibs: If you are good at cross-stitching, this is another great gift.  You can find plain white bibs and if mom has picked out a name for the baby, you can cross stitch the baby’s name onto the bib. 
Taggie blanket: Babies love putting new textures and small things in their mouth.  Buy a small fleece blanket and some sample fabrics.  Cut the sample fabrics into small strips. Sew the small strips onto the edges all around the fleece blanket.  The baby will love grabbing at all those little pieces.