Handmade Christmas Decorations

Handmade Christmas Decorations - wreath

If you are you looking for unique, fun and easy to make handmade Christmas decorations try a few of these ideas and save money at the same time. This is a great project to do with children, friends or neighbors. Put on a pot of hot chocolate and have an afternoon of craft making. Enjoy!

Make a handmade Christmas Decoration – Silk Wreath

Handmade Christmas Decorations

You will need:

Metal Wreath form 12"-16"

Silk or dried greenery one package

Silk or dried berry branches one package

Craft wire

Hot glue gun

Christmas floral picks in any design or color you like

Wire ribbon one spool

Cut the silk or dried greenery into 3-4" pieces, bunch 3-4 together and tie with craft wire. Attach the bunch to the wreath form using more craft wire through the center of the bunch and wrap so that the wire is not visible. Continue until the entire wreath form is completely covered.

Fill in small gaps with silk or dried berry branches. Cut each berry branch into small pieces such as 2"-4" sizes. Attach each berry section to the wreath using craft wire.

Cut the wire ribbon into one long piece roughly 24". Wrap one end through the wreath and bring both ends together. Tie into a bow anywhere on the wreath that you like such as the bottom center, left or right side.

Hot glue small floral picks onto the wreath in any opening or to cluster in one section of the wreath.

Make a craft wire loop at the top of the wreath for hanging by wrapping the wire around the top center of the wreath several times, cut when hoop is strong enough to hang the wreath and tie the end back onto the wire form.

Hang the decorative wreath on the front door, front porch or an inside wall or door.

Make several Christmas decorative wreaths to coordinate with the holiday color scheme as an easy decorative item to add to your collection.

Store handmade wreaths in a plastic bag and a clear storage container for future use as these can last for years.

Handmade Christmas Decorations – Pinecone Wreath

Handmade Christmas Decorations - wreath

You will need:

One wire wreath shape 12"-16"

Craft wire

One large bag of pinecones in various sizes

Several dried flowers, silk flowers or Christmas floral picks.

Hot glue gun

Handful of hazelnuts, walnuts or other nut

One wire ribbon 16"-18"long

Using another wire form wreath and craft wire, wrap a 6" piece of wire around the bottom area of a pinecone and then attach to the wreath securely so that the top of the pinecone rests on the inside wires of the form. Rewire the center area of pinecone to secure it again.

Continue wrapping all the pinecones and attach to the wreath until the main areas of the wreath are covered placing the pinecones in various directions to create more interest than having them all in the same direction.

Fill in the exposed area of the wreath with silk flowers, dried flowers, holly berry clusters or other Christmas floral picks. Attach each with the craft wire until the wreath is full, covered and looks the way you like it.

Hot glue small hazelnuts or walnuts or any of the floral pick type flowers that are too small to wire onto the wreath.

Add a wire ribbon to the sides or bottom center by tying a bow.

Make a wire hoop to hang the pinecone wreath with several strands of wire in a circle until it is sturdy enough to hang the wreath, wrap the other end around the wire form.

Hang the pinecone wreath either on the front door, the front porch wall or railing or an indoor wall or door.

Store a pinecone wreath in a plastic bag and lay gently in a clear storage container to preserve it for years of future use.

Make several pinecone wreaths to give as handmade holiday gifts for your friends or family.

Handmade Christmas Decorations – Candy Wreath

Handmade Christmas Decorations - candy wreath

Delight the children or neighbors with a handmade Candy Wreath for the front door to welcome all guests.

You will need:

One wire wreath shape 12"-16"

Several pounds of wrapped candies

One pair of safety scissors

One spool of thick thread in any holiday color

One ribbon approximately 10" long

Wrap each piece of candy by one end of the wrapper to the wire wreath form beginning at the center of the wreath and working all the way around to the outside of the form.

Tie a holiday ribbon onto one end of a pair of safety scissors making sure the ribbon will be long enough to use the scissors.

Tie the scissors with the other end of the ribbon onto the wire wreath form.

Use a gift tag to write a holiday message to friends such as 'Happy Holidays, help yourself to a piece of candy'.

As guests arrive at the front door, they'll be able to help themselves to a piece or two of holiday candy.

Handmade Christmas Decorations – Candle Rings

You will need:

Small wire wreath form 8" and up

String of berries on wire

One branch of holly berry

Small berries on Christmas floral picks in a color of your choice

Craft wire

Cut the string of berries into small pieces roughly 2"-3" long. Cutting various sizes will allow depth to be added to the candle ring

Cut the branch of holly berry into 2"-3" sized pieces as well.

Wrap one of two of the holly berry sections onto the wreath shape and hold securely with craft wire wrapping several times to secure as well as to hide the wire.

Randomly add the berry bunches and adjust the wire so that some berries hang low and others are more even with the wire wreath.

Continue all the way around the wreath shape until full and no wire is showing.

Hot glue several small berries to the inside of the branches or anywhere on the wreath that has metal showing.

Place a large candle or several smaller votive candles inside the candle ring.

Make smaller candle rings that can be used around the various sized candles you enjoy or use.

Store candle rings in plastic bags and a clear storage container after the holidays to be used year after year. Enjoy your handmade Christmas Decorations!

photos: www.istockphoto.com