Handcrafted Christmas Ornaments Make Your Tree Unique and Memorable

Use these ideas to create unique Christmas tree ornaments with your family and friends.

Decorating your Christmas tree for the holidays can be pleasant and exciting rather than nerve wracking and expensive. This is especially true if you start early investigating the different types of handmade Christmas ornaments your family can make together.

Many of these unique Christmas ornaments can be made with minimal expense for the needed supplies to make your tree personalized and wonderfully unique. Never underestimate that there are many different ways to decorate your tree using your imagination and a little patience, you can decorate your Christmas tree with pride. A new family tradition can be created and joyfully experienced by deciding that each year you will add a new type of handmade Christmas ornament to decorate the family tree.

A good place to begin adding to your Christmas tree decorations is with the left over wrapping paper and cards from last year. Unused or partially used rolls of wrapping paper make new decorations easy, especially if you are on a tight budget for this season. Paper can be any size you have left over, and then folded into the designs of your choice. Some popular shapes are stars and  fan shapes. Attach to the paper by gluing a brightly colored ribbon, and if desired hang a hook through the ribbon. Also, beautiful origami shapes such as birds from left over holiday paper are another option that will be fun to make with your children.

Old greeting cards can be used to liven up a Christmas tree. Simply cut the back off the card and punch a hole  at the top to add a ribbon. This craft is simple enough even for young children to make. Cards may be cut into different shapes or add some glitter to enhance the design. Another craft project can be created using Christmas cards and Mason Jar type lids which have a flat underside. You could also use the ends of frozen juice cans. Felt can be glued on the back to cover the metal. Glue a beautiful card with a holiday scene, add some yarn or lace around the edge and it is ready to hang on your tree.

Other craft ideas which are especially fun for kids, are mixing flour and water and using a cookie cutters to create holiday shapes. Ginger bread cookie dough can be also be used to make wonderfully scented ornaments. Stringed popcorn or construction paper chains in place of the traditional tinsel make a festive and colorful addition to your tree. Chidren will be especially happy to see their own creations being used on the tree.

Handmade Christmas ornaments can be made from plastic craft balls also. These balls, available at craft stores, have a hollow clear design allowing for painting on the outside of the ball and the inside as well. Painting the inside is as simple as filling it with paint and shaking. Allow twenty four hours for the paint to dry before closing the top of the ball. Stencil design patterns or hand painting allows for any holiday scene to be painted on the outside. Signing and dating your handmade Christmas ornaments is always a good idea too. You are creating a precious memory that will be treasured for many years and may become a family heirloom.   

Whatever type of handmade Christmas ornaments you decide to make it is a sure bet that along the way you will make a lot of good memories from interacting with your family and friends. You may even find a lot of personal fulfillment by reminiscing about past Christmas days. Handmade Christmas ornaments show that you care about adding a personal touch to the holidays.

Our Christmas tree is filled with photo-frame Christmas tree ornaments, one for each year for each child. Not only are they beautiful, they remind us of when the children were young. Traditions and keepsakes are a treasured thing that are passed down to those that come after you, so make sure to experiment, be creative and have lots of fun handcrafting an ornament that you will be proud to hand down and display on your tree this Christmas season.