Below are some ideas worth exploring if you are looking to have a handmade engagement ring. Keep in mind that handmade engagement rings may not look as “finely finished” as the ones that were made using machines. The reason is simple, machines are more precise while handmade engagement rings.


Multi Band with Uneven Width

Handmade Engagement Ring(117237)You can put a little twist with the tri-gem rings by having three bands and use different widths. This will give the ring different dimensions. Other ideas you may explore:

  • Use different gems with different sizes and different colors
  • Use different metals for the band
  • Use more than three bands. You may go for six bands with two bands holding one gem
  • Use patterns to form the band. Bands don’t have to be flat, you may design the band to look like connected hearts or connected hands or vines
  • Have an ascending or descending band size with each band containing a word. Altogether, the ring should form a sentence. This sentence may be a promise or a vow you made to each other

Unconventional Big Bands

Handmade Engagement Ring(117236)Men are the ones who usually wear big bands but women can wear them too. To make it more feminine, you may experiment with it:

  • Emboss or bevel the band with images. You may choose an image that represent your relationship well such as a cross if you want to pay tribute to God, a tree if you love nature, a heart for obvious reasons, and others
  • You can have layers of different metals. Most tri-band rings stack the bands one after the other. You can be a little more creative by putting different metals on top of each other. Push it a little further by engraving patters on the metals and putting gems on the metals
  • Cute holes through the metals to create different patterns. The hole will reveal your skin but if you want to be more creative, you may put another metal under it. That will create windows through the metal

Folding Big Bands

Handmade Engagement Ring(117229)You can try and create an illusion of the bands folding, like an origami. You can create different patterns and the possibilities are endless. Think of the metal like a paper, you can fold it in different ways and create different patterns and looks.

Patterns of Nature

You may also create patterns inspired by nature:Handmade Engagement Ring

  • Using the metal, you can create wings to depict birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and others
  • You may also look at the sky for inspiration. You can wrap the metal around the gem to depict an orbit around the sun
  • You may also depict fancy products of nature like snowflakes

Elaborate Bands

Handmade Engagement Ring(117228)One of the most popular way of jazzing up the band is to create an infinity band but that could be expensive because that would mean you will need to buy lots of diamonds. There are different infinity patterns like:

  • Tribal knots
  • A series of hearts knotted together
  • Substitute diamonds with other gems

Unconventional Patterns

Handmade Engagement Ring(117235)You may try and create patterns that are not usually used on rings such as:

  • Stripes
  • Scaffolding
  • Ferris wheel



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