Handmade greetings cards are easy crafts for kids and seniors

Handmade Greetings Cards With Encouraging Bible Verses Make Lovely Gifts for The Elderly Relatives
Credit: Kaye Swain - SandwichINK

Handmade Greetings Cards Make Sweet Gifts for the Elderly Relatives

Encouraging Bible Verses are a Great Addition to These Cards

My grandchildren and I often enjoy making handmade greetings cards for family members and special friends. The cards are fun to make, more personal, and definitely on the creative side. When they were younger, they would just draw pictures and sign their names and that was it. Now that they are getting older, we've expanded our horizons a bit, added even more creativity to the mix, and have discovered some fun tools that make things even more enjoyable. Even so, they  are still easy crafts the kids and those of us seniors helping them can both enjoy. In fact, many senior citizens enjoy making these as cards for friends, or to send to their grandkids.

If you'd like to make  your own easy handmade greetings cards, gather up:

  • Cheap scrapbook supplies from Walmart or a craft  sale (stocking up for the year at back to school sales is one of my favorite and very practical ways to save money)
  • White and colored cardstock. You might also want to include some patterned or polka dot cardstock
  • Plenty of markers, crayons, colored pencils - I recommend washable ones
  • Interesting Stickers - both scrapbooking and regular give you terrific options
  • Animal or other designs of craft rubber stamps and washable ink stamp pads for kids -( Melissa & Doug make washable ink  stamp pads)
  • Regular scissors and/or scrapbooking paper cutters
  • Plastic tubs and baskets to hold all the supplies
  • Scrapbook inspirational sayings - sweet quotes, encouraging Bible verses, uplifting mottos

Once you have your supplies ready, set them out on the table you will work on. Show the kids and grandkids different ways to fold the cardstock - long and thin, or folded twice to be the more tradtional shape.

Have them start decorating the cards by drawing on them, using stickers, or stamping with the stamp pad. I recommend doing that before writing so they don't have to worry about working around words.

After  their greetings card is done, discuss with them what they want it to say on the card. I like to use short and encouraging Bible verses, like:

  • God is thy refuge
  • God is mighty
  • God is great
  • God is our refuge and strength
  • God is our God forever
  • God is my helper
  • God is my salvation
  • God is the strength of my heart
  • God is the rock of my refuge

I also use a fun eBook, Lasting Expressions, to help me. It has 100 pages of cute, sweet, or downright funny scrapbook sayings. They are perfect for those who want ideas for scrapbooking pages AND they make great snappy and short verses for these handmade greeting cards.

Once they know what they want to write, it is often helpful for you to write it out in big letters for them to copy. You could also type it on the computer, print it out, and let them paste it where ever they like.

These are fun handmade greetings cards that make lovely "I'm thinking of you" gifts for the elderly relatives in your family. In fact, for the really prolific crafters among your kids and grandkids, you might want to encourage them to make extras to send to more distant aging relatives or other senior citizens who might be lonely. It's such a great way to teach good character traits along with being fun and easy crafts  for the kids and seniors alike.