Handmade lip balm is easy to make Rather than purchasing a lip balm chock-full of preservatives in a load of wasteful packaging, consider making your own handmade lip balm. Not only is handmade lip balm ideal both environmentally and economically, it's also completely customizable. Whether it's to protect your lips from the sun or to simply ensure your lips look and feel smooth, handmade lip balm is the ideal product to make part of your beauty routine.

Things You Will Need

  • Small container

  • Pin

  • Vitamin E Capsule

  • 1 T. Beeswax

  • Honey

Step 1

Take 1 T. of beeswax and melt it in a double boiler on low heat. If you don't have a double boiler, you can make your own by placing the pan with your beeswax in another pan that contains shallow, boiling water. The heated water in the bottom pan will gently and evenly heat and melt the beeswax in the first pan, preventing it from burning. Use a rubber spatula to continually stir the beeswax so that it doesn't harden on the side of the pan.

Step 2

Use a pin to pierce the side of one vitamin E capsule. Gently squeeze the contents of the capsule into the melted beeswax. Stir the handmade lip balm mixture together briskly.

Step 3

Add 4 or 5 drops of honey to the handmade lip balm to add a touch of sweetness and taste to it. Honey acts as a perfect emollient to help add further moisture to your lips. Don't add much more than this as the honey can make the handmade lip balm too sticky and can hamper how quickly it can harden.

Step 4

Customize your handmade lip balm by experimenting with different ingredients. For a relaxing scent, add a few drops of essential oil-such as lavender-to the mixture. Vanilla and mint are also popular oils you can use. If you prefer to add a bit of color, add 1/4-inch of a lipstick tube to make a tinted handmade lip balm (this makes great use of the last bit of lipstick that never gets used!). Or, make a lip exfoliate by adding coarse sea salt-if you're careful not to mix this in too thoroughly, you will end up with a rougher handmade lip balm which makes a perfect lip scrub.

Step 5

Pour the mixture about 3/4 of the way full in a small container (an eye shadow pot is the perfect size); pour the rest if it into a small storage container for the next day. Allow the handmade lip balm to harden overnight. Be sure to immediately wash the pan you were using as the handmade lip balm mixture will quickly stick to the sides and harden.

Step 6

As the mixture hardens overnight, it will constrict, allowing you to place more balm into the container after it fully hardens. In the morning, heat the leftover lip balm in a pan (or double boiler) on very low heat until the balm softens. Quickly pour the rest of the balm into your handmade lip balm container.

A Final Thought

Handmade lip balm is easy (and inexpensive) to make. Since the variety of different recipes you can make is endless, handmade lip balm also makes a perfect gift.

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