If like many people, the car seems to be your second home, then getting hands free cell phone devices, is a safe alternative to using a cell phone glued to your ear.

We all know that it is not safe to drive and use a cell phone or any other distraction for that matter.  It can take but a second for things to go wrong, especially at the speeds we are driving on the highways, and/or navigating busy town or city streets.

So, how do you deal with this?  Going totally hands free is the best option, Hands Free Cell Phone Devicesand you can now get these hands free cell phone devices for your car.  This is a kit that works with any Bluetooth enabled cell phone. (Most new cell phones are Bluetooth enabled, but check your own cell phone and make sure)

Hands-Free Blue Tooth Wireless Cell Phone Car Mobile Kit

It can simply clip to the visor in your car.  At a glance you can see who is calling, as there is a large LCD display screen, so you can see who is calling, and decide whether to answer or not, and with the simple touch of a button you can talk to you caller while driving with both hands on the wheel.

This kit has a built in microphone and speakers that will filter out background noise, so that you are not yelling in the car.  You can talk normally and they will hear you and the same for them with an echo.

This hands free cell phone device, is the perfect gift for the busy commuter who simply must stay connected. 

Whatever accessories your cell phone has, this kit will have too.  ID caller, Call waiting, call forwarding etc.  You can do this quickly without having to fumble for your ringing cell phone in your purse or on the seat taking your eyes off the road. 

This is a great product, and is cheaper than getting that ticket for driving while using a cell phone that is law in most areas now. 

This hands free cell phone kit, comes with a built in charger, so you never have to worry about batteries, it will simply recharge while in use in the car.  Many people are using these kits now, they can stop distractions, and dangerous car manoeuvres that driver’s on cell phones tend to make!

The LCD screen is easy to read at a glance as well.  So, if you want to stay connected, but also be a safer driver, then this product is something you should consider. 

You can get these through your cell phone stores, but you can also get them for a good deal at Amazon.  Shopping online for hands free cell phone devices, is a great way to compare products and prices. 

So, if you seem to be spending most of your driving time, on the side of the road with your cell phone, or trying to not look like you have a cell phone stuck to your ear, and you don’t like the idea of the blue tooth microphone in your ear either, then consider these hands free cell phone devices and stay safe.