A hands free running dog leash can be a great way to give yourself and your dog the proper exercise. Dogs need to exercise just like the rest of us. Not only is a hands free running dog leash safe, and easy, it can be a lot of fun for you and your dog. It gives the two of you another fun activity to bond together and enjoy. Puppies will surely enjoy a hands free running dog leash, as will older dogs. When running with your dog, a running dog leash won't force you to occupy your leash at the same time. It can be a bit of a hassle, and even a bit dangerous as well running with your dog while having to occupy the leash with your hands. Your dog might be more prone to getting loose if you're out of breath, and they catch you off-guard with a quick jerk on the leash.

A hands free running dog leash comes in the usual standard leash sizes, a 4-5 feet leash that connects to the collar, or a hands free holding leash to connect to regular dog leashes that keeps your dog at a safe distance when running or jogging. Although it's recommended when running with a dog, that you either do it at a park, track, or on the sidewalk. Dogs are smaller than us, and sometimes not always as visible to oncoming traffic. You can purchase a running dog leash online at different places. A running dog leash might be available at some local pet stores in your area. Let's take a look at what a hand free running dog leash features, and places to buy running dog leashes online.

How a hands free running dog leash works

A hand free running dog leash will come with a belt, or maybe a should strap that you can put around your waist, or should. The leash will connect to the belt, or shoulder strap, and connect to your dog's collar. So instead of having to hold your dog's leash while running, the leash will connect into a webbing loop on and keep your dog safe. Most running dog leashes allow you to adjust the webbing loops to your satisfaction and your dog's comfort when running. A hands free running dog leash is better for your dog too. It prevents your dog from pulling, tugging, and gasping for air as much. Your dog will get a consistent feel of his limits on a hands free leash.

It's great for older dogs with arthritis, sore joints, aches, or dogs overweight. Older dogs tend to not be as active and they don't get enough exercise. A hands free leash doesn't have to be used just for running. It can be used for walking, hiking, or used to walk your dog while being preoccupied using your hands for carrying groceries, or talking on the phone. It can also be used to help train your dog how to walk properly.

Where to buy a running hand dog leash online

Buddy System hands free dog leash - A great leash for dogs and pet owners to enjoy a good run, jog, or walk without the tugging and pulling. The Buddy System hands free dog leash is one of the more popular running dog leashes on the market. It features a 1 inch wide belt, with two webbing loops that are easily adjustable along the belt. The leash is available in two sizes, 22-40" and 27-50". There are a lot of places to buy this hands free dog leash online. Best places to shop are at amazon, tworoadsfitness.com, campmor, and J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies.

EZ steps free handler - A great product from EZ, that is water and weather resistant. The EZ is a handler leash that goes across your shoulder as a strap. You''ll need to purchase a EZ leash to connect to the handler for running. Works for all size dogs and can provide for good exercise for you and your dog. Makes for great walking, along as a running dog leash. The leash holder isn't too expensive. You can purchase the EZ step free handle online at Animal World Network, PETCO, and Amazon for a reasonable price.

Ruff wear roamer dog leash - An adjustable handle that can go around your waist, or wrist. Made from nylon webbing, it's a comfortable and good running dog leash. It comes in different sizes for each dogs. Sizes available in both large and small. Comes with an elastic that can extend to 8 feet in full length. Max size for waist is 40-inches. Also features a unsnap side release buckle that can be used to attach around a post, or back yard tree. You can buy the ruff wear roamer dog leash at Only Natural Pet, backcountrygear.com, Altrec, Summit Hut, and OutdoorGB.