A personal value system and guide for an enjoyable life

By Bill Withers

1 Meet Life's challenges with courage and truth. If you make a mistake, learn from it, admit it, correct it and move on.

2 Look at the belief systems of others. Investigate them. Do you believe what they state? Even if you do not believe; always respect the faith of others because it may be their life-line.

3 Each day, learn to give your love and time to those living things which need your help. The living thing might be a plant, animal or another human being. You will be rewarded with something which the French describe as "Joie de vivre" or, in English, "The joy of life".

4. Every morning, scrape your tongue with a special spatula or personal "teaspoon" prior to swallowing, cleaning your teeth, eating or drinking. During the night your body exudes toxins through your tongue and, also, into your urine and faeces. If you swallow the toxins on your tongue, your immune system has to work harder to protect your system from the toxins. Because our immune systems are continually working to keep us healthy by fending off toxins, germs and viruses, it is silly to make the system work harder than it needs to work.

5. Learn about nutrition. Good nutrition keeps you healthy and happy. Bad nutrition makes you sick and kills you. Ask your parents to buy a good reference book. I use NUTRITION ALMANAC by G & J Kirschmann, ISBN 0-07-034922-3.

6. Re-learn to defecate whilst squatting (all children naturally squat to defecate). The invention of the pedestal system was so good, in decreasing the spread of diseases, we didn't look at its disadvantages. Sitting, to defecate, creates problems because the ano/rectal angle is only near alignment when squatting. This is a complex subject so a booklet by a friend of mine, Wallace Bowles, is available, if required.

7. Every day, for at least ten minutes, walk, with bare feet, (a wet sand beach is best) or, hug a tree with your shoes removed. Your body, with mind, is electromagnetic energy designed to be continuously "earthed". "Civilized" societies have invented footwear to protect the feet but modern footwear is generally an efficient insulator which prevents your body and mind from being "earthed". A tree is effectively "earthed", by its roots, so you can use its system, with your shoes removed, to "earth" you efficiently.

8. At least once, every day, stop and appreciate something of beauty and absorb it into your soul. The beauty might be in a landscape, a tree, plants, animals, art, writing, music, song, sunset, moonlight, striped candy, a fish, a toy or an act of another person. What ever it is, stop taking it for granted. Analyse, absorb and remember its beauty at that moment. If you do this every day then your life becomes more joyous.

9. Find understanding and humour in the disappointments you will experience in life but do not rationalize defeat….try again.

10. As you get older, study the composition of matter (it is energy). Learn to live in our universe which is one big bowl of energy soup*. Learn to use The Universal Energy Force*** for correcting energy blockages which may cause illness in the body and mind. Learn to live in the "now" because your ego wants to live in the past and in future fantasies. Egos, as distinct from rational self-esteem, are fairly useless inventions of the human mind.

11. If possible, try to sleep with your body aligned with Magnetic North/South. When you are older; study the electrical polarization of the human body, the earth's magnetic field and the principles of an electric motor. After that study you will see the sense in sleeping North/South. This is most important if you have experienced back-ache or spinal problems.

12. Include singing in recreation time. Hamburg University has shown that two hours of singing, increases the body's immune protein. (Chorister/audience blood tests.)

13 When you are an adult, develop an interest in body charkras, reike, acupuncture points, shihatzu points, the elusive unification theory (the bringing together of Einstein's theory of relativity, quantum mechanics and gravity through the adoption of the String theory), vibrational energy and music. I think you will find the different subjects are closely related**.

14. Learn to be self-sufficient and independent in the material world. In so doing, you will be better equipped to help others and to become a useful part of a social network.

15. Wherever possible, try to avoid consuming food or drinks containing preservatives. Preservatives are designed to prevent food from decomposing or fermenting. They continue to work after they have been ingested, so the digestive enzymes in the body can not work efficiently. The preserved food moves through and out of the body before the normal amount of nutrients can be extracted. The ingested fats may be deposited in the system but the depletion of nutrients causes the brain to receive signals indicating that the body is still hungry. The body reacts by eating snacks, usually junk food with more preservatives and high in fats, sodium and sugars. Obesity and body malfunctions are the result. (My theory).

16. Find the joy in producing your own organic produce. Refer to our ORGANIC SURVIVAL UNIT MK II on the following website :


Also Refer ****

17. You will find, throughout your life, that you will recall a vision of a person, alive or dead, who may have been helpful to you. You may have thought that they did something pleasant or unpleasant for, or to, you but you have learned that the experience has enriched your life. Within your mind, thank that vision for what the person has done for you…..It sounds silly doesn't it? But if it is silly, why do you feel so good after offering your thanks?

18. Try to avoid ingesting tobacco smoke. Nicotine is addictive whilst being a very effective poison. So much so, the residue of tars and nicotine on a smoker's fingers is sufficient to kill a tomato plant, if handled by a smoker.

19. On awakening, or before you do any strenuous exercise, ensure you do stretching exercises. Later in life with an adult partner, give mutual back massages, which are approved by your Doctor, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or recognized practitioner. They may be mutually beneficial.

NOTE: In 1974 I won a scholarship to study REMOTE AREA DEVELOPMENT AROUND THE WORLD. The following references, are from observations made, in 1975, during that study.


· In January 1975, whilst I was in a Canadian rocket station at Churchill (near the Arctic circle), I saw computer read-outs which showed the Earth's magnetic field and the solar flares at the sun's "surface" were oscillating, simultaneously, at the same magnitude. All matter, including humans, and non-material vibrations, such as sight and sound, only exist because they are being vibrated at set frequencies. The common pulsing of the sun and the earth indicates that we, in the universe, exist in one big bowl of energy soup! And now for a theological thought. In early Sanskrit Vedas of the Hindu religion, they refer to the sacred sound of "Ommm" as being the beginning of, or foundation of, God. If we seek a commonality in all material and non-material things in our universe, we find the only non-material thing is the vibration. Is "God" the vibration? Could we say that "God" is what is?

** In late January 1975, at the Sian Revolutionary Hospital in central China, I observed two surgical operations using acupuncture for anaesthesia. One was

the removal of a bone growth from the sinus cavity. The other was the removal of a large goitre. In both cases the patients (one male and one female) were conscious and spoke with me during the operations. In both cases the bleeding was almost non-existent. The Chinese surgeons didn't know why there was minimal bleeding, using the acupuncture procedure, nor did they know why acupuncture worked as an anaesthetic. At the request of the West Australian Minister for Health, Hon. Norm Baxter MLC. I gave a full report, with photographic evidence, to the Australian Medical Association.

NOTE: In March 2009 the AMA announced, "It is possible, in some conditions, that acupuncture may be used as some form of anaesthetic." It took them 34 years to acknowledge the evidence they received in March 1975.

*** "The Universal Energy Force" is my terminology but scientists in the International Institute of Biotechnics in Germany have since given the theory another name, "The Zero Point Field".

**** The Organic Survival Unit is described in the paper I gave to the Sixth International Conference in 1996. "Lab's Alive", an educational group working with developing countries, built a test unit from my plans and found it was commendable. It is now being distributed to countries throughout the world, by Lab's Alive, under the auspices of UNESCO. It was a joyous emotion to receive photographs of children, in Uganda, selling their first produce from the Organic Survival Unit.

Love well and ponder the joy of life,
Bill Withers