Snoring can absolutely ruin a good nights sleep, not only for the snorer, but for anyone unfortunate enough to share a bed with a snorer! We well all snore at some point in our lives, normally when we have a cold, or have had a few too many alcoholic drinks, but this is only temporary and once we are better or sober the snoring stops. For some people though, snoring is an every-night occurrence and it can actually get to the point where it is so bad it is classed as a sleeping disorder.

Understanding why we snore can go a long way to helping you stop snoring. It is cause by the soft palate which is the back of the roof of your mouth, vibrating and this can happen for many different reasons. When we sleep the muscle tone in our body decreases, and this can cause the soft palate to touch either the tongue which in turn contributes to snoring. This is why lying on your back means you are more likely to snore as everything falls just that little bit further back in your mouth meaning there is more in the way to vibrate. Tonsils are another culprit as they restrict the airway slightly when we sleep. This is the key to most snoring, the fact that the airways are obstructed in some way. This is why alcohol makes snoring much worse, or can make people who never normally snore, snore. Alcohol is a relaxant and therefore helps reduce muscle tone even more, meaning a heavy night out is almost certainly going to result in snoring.

If you are a snorer then try changing your sleeping position, and avoid alcohol before bed. If neither of these help, then look at other things such as medication. If you are on any prescriptions medications then it is worth talking to your doctor if you are finding your snoring is a problem as they may be able to put you on something different that reduces the side effect of snoring. If you have a high BMI then losing some weight can also help alleviate snoring. If you sleep with two pillows try cutting down to one, likewise if you sleep with one pillow, see if using two helps.

These are just some things you can try, if none of these seems to help then there is a wide range of products that may be able to help. Nasal strips and specially designed pillows are just a couple of the non-medicinal aids and there are various medications that may well be the answer to stopping you snoring and allowing you to get a good nights sleep.