Handy kitchen cleaning tips - the eco friendly way

Yes peeps, that right - easy eco friendly cleaning tips for you and your environment (inside and out) that aren't going to stretch you or leave you feeling you've invested something for nothing.

I know I've mentioned them before, but here I go again, harping on about Washing Soda Crystals and what they can do for you. These crystals really do work so well on so much. And I am often finding new uses for them.

Let's concentrate on what they can do for you in your kitchen

Burnt pans and stubborn stains

If you've got blackened pan bases, built up grease and stains on trays from roasting etc then just mix yourself a strong soda solution and leaves to soak overnight and hey presto! All will easy just wipe away the next day - certainly beats the 20 minute workout with you're a scourer!

Descaling your kettle

Make up a decent mix of crystals and boil in your kettle to descale it - there will be no residue of flakey bit by the time its done its job. When you empty your boiling water, pour it into your sink or washing up bowl, let it cool slightly and then wipe down the exterior of your kettle with a cloth and yay, a super clean kettle. It's a much better method than those sachets you can buy and the old vinegar and water method that your mum used to do. If you have an aluminum sink then that will also be super shiny too - just like new (but don't let it stoop for too long)!

Waste bins

To keep your kitchen bin from stinking and to abolish nasty odours, give it a good wipe over with a medium solution of crystals to keep smells at bay - it cleans, deodorizes and doesn't leave watermarks just dust over to dry for a shiny new bin.


Well not in this household, but if you're lucky enough to have silverware and it needs a good buff up, then yes, you guessed it, Washing soda crystals can help you with that too! Mix a strong, hot solution, pour into a bowl lined with aluminium foil and soak cutlery for 10-20 mins. Apparently the chemical reaction with the foil generates hydrogen which removes the tarnish (silver oxide). Rinse and buff up and you'll once again have silverware that your relatives would be proud of!

Your dirty dishes

I started using a good pinch of crystals to wash our dirty dishes but Sweep poo-poohed it and insisted on using dishwashing liquid. Until. we ran out of liquid (I honestly DON'T KNOW how that happened). Anyway, so he had to use the crystals. Bingo. I kid ye not, he sounded like a TV commercial. WOW, the dirt just glides off, it's amazing, it's so much better, ooh, look how shiny the plates are, OMG, look how shiny the cutlery is!!

And the best bit is, apart from everything being super shiny clean, odourless and fresh, is that this product is totally eco friendly, bio degradable, has low allergenic content and does much much more that just these few examples I have given.

Need I say more?.........TBC