Hanging flower baskets allow people to create flashy displays of flowers almost anywhere. Hanging on a patio balcony gives even apartment dwellers a way to enjoy nature and gardening. They are available in thousands of shapes and sizes, planted or not, and are even available in an upside down version created especially for tomatoes. Drapsing flo

Types of Hanging Flower Baskets

There are many types of hanging flower baskets, beginning with the traditional plastic pot which usually includes either metal or plastic hangers or a bottom dish. Often plants that are purchased at garden and discount stores Hanging Flower Basketswill come in one of these. They work well for areas where the soil dries out very quickly or if they aren't easy to water. They also work well for indoor use as they tend to be able to trap the water, and may be combined as a liner with a more decorative pot.

Glazed or terra cotta flower pots may be used including the strawberry holders when they are combined with a hanging system such as the macramé style holders. A wire or mesh basket works well for hanging flower baskets and will often be combined with a coconut fiber liner. The really great thing about these is that holes may be placed anywhere in the liner to allow for plants to be placed on the underside of the pot. This creates a dramatic look that is absolutely beautiful when viewed especially from the side or bottom of the pot.

Solid metal is often used to create a hanging flower basket. This includes the use of old kettles and tea pots as well as smartly designed copper pots manufactured solely for use as a basket. Creativity abounds with gardeners as they create and recreate hanging flower baskets.

Planting Hanging Flower Baskets

Determining the amount of light and shade will be the largest factor when choosing what to plant in hanging flower baskets. The larger they basket is the better it will work long term. Planting plants too close together will keep their roots bound and will not allow for them to spread out and grow however planting them too sparsely will not give the desired effect. Most plants will have an information slip that tells how closely to plant them. Combining trailing plants with upright ones will create a spectacular show, as will the combination of greenery and flowers. Small asparagus ferns are often added for their delicate greenery and sweet potatoes are often used combined flowers for their showy leaves.

Garden plants may be planted in hanging flower baskets as well as flowers. This includes items such as cherry tomatoes, mint and other herbs. The upside down planters that are available both locally and online have had great reviews for gardeners wishing to grow full sized tomatoes in a small space.
Place several inches of soil in the hanging basket, and then place the plants approximately where they will be held when finished. Slowly and carefully add more dirt, lightly packing it around the separated roots. Plant the plants closer than in the garden but not so close that they don't have room to expand and grow. If planting them on the underside of a coconut fiber basket, carefully place holes and insert them, keeping the hole size to a minimum, a small piece of newspaper may be placed around the roots while inserting and will eventually become part of the soil.

How to Suspend Hanging Flower Baskets

Trellis' and metal trees as well as brackets hanging from porches and trees are a few ways to suspend hanging flower baskets. The metal trees will often be designed with a center post with several arms from which the hanger may be placed. They may be circular, overlapped or any of a numerous design. Flowers and ferns are truly charming when suspended from an old fashioned porch with metal brackets or hooks.

Care of Hanging Flower Baskets

Hanging flower baskets will require both more and less care than if they were in a garden. Regular watering is absolutely required as the soil tends to dry out fairly quickly depending on where they are located. If a plant is burning from too much sun or wind it can be moved to a gentler area. They should be fertilized on a regular schedule according to the instructions on the fertilizer package. Deadhead the flowers in hanging flower baskets just as you would with any other flower, and then sit back and enjoy the beauty!