Many new styles of hanging flower pots have been created to expand the already immense number of existing styles. They may be funky and creative or elegant styles and just about everything in between. Choosing hanging flower pots for the home and garden has never been easier and more enjoyable.

Types of Hanging FlowerPots

The many types of hanging flower pots combine almost everything that can contain water with a way to suspend it. Teapots are often used, as are old enamel wash pans to create hanging flower potsan eclectic feel in the garden. Colorful clay pots are available in various shapes and colors, many of which are sold with a suspension system that may include the ability to harness and hang more than one pot on a rope. Terra cotta is a very popular type of pot due to its porosity and hundreds of shapes and sizes. Plastic flower pots in many colors and shapes have been created for use as hanging flower pots and may have metal hangers or coordinating plastic ones included. Most commercial hanging flower pots will include a water reservoir if they have a drain. Some will not have a drain and care will have to be taken to not overwater them.

Choosing Hanging Flower Pots

Choosing hanging flower pots will be easy due to the huge selection available. Whether they will be used for indoors or outdoor use will be a determining factor as will the amount and type of variable weather they will be exposed to. Hanging flower baskets may be hung from trees, poles, patios and porches to name just a few ideas. Some will even include a suspension system or will work well on one that is already in place such as a support pole which holds more than one. Hanging flower pots on apartment balconies on high rises can flourish providing the apartment dweller with a beautiful garden.

Choosing a ceramic hanging flower pot will create a beautiful backdrop for the plants it contains. They are available without drain holes for indoor use, and with trays or reservoirs for hanging both inside and out. Plastic pots work well in a variety of settings and if used outdoors may help keep the plants from drying out as quickly as well as being more weather resistant in harsher climates. A fiber hanging basket is created using a wax treated fiber and is perfect for areas with high humidity while remaining very durable and allowing the roots to breathe as in terra cotta pots.

Shopping for Hanging Flower Pots

Shopping for hanging flower pots can be done locally through greenhouses, garden stores and discount stores. They are available online through wholesalers, specialty stores, garden and greenhouse suppliers to name just a few sources. Many specialty sites offer exquisite and very unique flower pots and hangers. Enjoying the time looking through the many offerings will ensure a beautiful hanging flower garden.

Prices of Hanging Flower Pots

Prices of hanging flower pots begin at under two dollars for a small plastic style as often used on plants when buying them already potted, up to close to 100 dollars for a very elaborate grouping containing several hanging flower pots. Many attractive and durable pots can be found under ten dollars that will last for several years.

Planting Hanging Flower Pots

Planting hanging flower pots requires little more than the pot, plant and the soil mixture. It is advisable to place some broken pottery or rocks at the bottom of the container as with any plant to allow the extra moisture to drain through. Dampen the potting soil and fill the container 1/3 to 1/2 full, then place the plant or plants in, making sure to have separated the roots gently first. Place soil around the plant, packing gently and filling to the top of the container.

The hanging flower pots will usually require more frequent water depending upon where you live and where they are located. High winds and harsh sunlight are hard on most plants and will dry the soil. Dead heading the dried up flowers and pinching back the plants when first transplanted will create bushier plants and more blooms. Occasional fertilizing will provide the plants with the nutrients necessary to produce lovely blossoms all summer long.

Choosing plants that will flourish where they are placed as well as having the ability to move them if they are exposed to harsh climates will produce excellent results. Flowers with fragrant blossoms such as jasmine are wonderful when placed near an open window allowing the breeze to carry the scent from the hanging flower pot.