Dancing with the lampshade on your head again last night? Ouch – now your body feels as if it’s been run over by a truck. Your mouth is drier than any desert on earth. Your head is about to explode. Every muscle in your body aches. The smell of water makes you nauseous. Last night you spent the majority of time praying to the porcelain God, swearing you will never, ever, never do this again –Yup you have a hangover.

Going to a party or visiting the local bar to have a few with your friends can oftentimes turn into having a few too many with them. Some nights the drinks are smooth and go down with ease, the next thing you know – you are drunk. Feeling the urge to vomit in a nice quiet bathroom is the first indication that tomorrow will be a rough day. Whatever you do – do not try to resist vomiting. Throwing up is your body’s way of removing the toxic buildup from your body. Don’t think about heading off the headache you know you will have by taking a precautionary aspirin, Advil, Tylenol, Motrin or other pain-killer. Taking pain medication, over the counter or prescribed, can do harm to your liver, put you in the fast lane for an emergency room visit or worse, which means avoid it.

What Works to Cure a Hangover

What works largely depends on you and your body. Some people can tolerate certain foods and drinks, while others can’t. What will work, will even vary between the last time you had a hangover and this time. – Yea, yea we all know, while your head was stuffed neatly inside the toilet bowl, you swore you would never do it again, but here we are again.

Hangover Remedies and Cures


Drink water. Don’t gulp the water even though you feel you must because it will come right back up. Sip the water slowly or melt ice chips in your mouth. You need to replenish the body fluids lost from vomiting and alcohol is a diuretic, which depletes your body of necessary fluids. Dehydration causes the muscle aches and accounts for evil person who stuffed cotton balls in your mouth over night.


Stick with orange juice – your best bet, tomato juice or grapefruit juice, which are high in fructose. Fructose is a simple sugar that your body easily absorbs, speeds up your metabolism and helps rid your body of the remaining alcohol.

Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate is good for your headache and helps you regain some of your energy. Milk chocolate has a high concentration of caffeine and helps to boost your body’s amino acids. The caffeine will narrow the blood vessels in your head and reduce the pounding headache.



Gatorade will replace the lost electrolytes and help with your headache. Sipping Gatorade throughout the day will relieve the headache and muscle aches.

Chicken Broth or Chicken Soup

Long touted as a cure all, the remedy does have merit when dealing with a hangover. Soup, especially canned chicken soup replaces salt and potassium in your body, helping you recover.

Saltines Drizzled with Honey

Honey is an excellent source of simple fructose, which speeds up your metabolism to get rid of alcohol. Saltines replace the salt lost from vomiting, excessive urination and sweating. Together they will put you well on the road to recovery. Sip some Gatorade with this simple snack to feel better more quickly.

Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea soothes the stomach that still wants to vomit. Boil a cup of water, add a slice of fresh ginger or a teaspoon of dried ginger. Let the ginger steep for five minutes or so. Strain the ginger from the tea and add a teaspoon or two of honey to help stop the want to vomit.

Rye Bread

Put something in your stomach to quell the queasiness. Reach for seeded rye bread first. Seeded rye bread contains caraway seeds, which helps to stop vomiting and the bread is loaded with carbs to get you back in motion.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Your body needs protein to clear the cloudy brain and regenerate the cells you just killed. Hard boiled eggs are packed with protein and easy for your body to digest.


Peel and slice cucumbers to nibble on. Active enzymes found in cucumbers lessen the effects of too much alcohol from the night before.


Grip the meaty flesh between your thumb and forefinger. Massage the area to quiet your queasy stomach. Alternate hands for best results.

Grab your thumb below the knuckle and rub, alternate thumbs to help reduce the headache.

Natural Hangover Remedies and Cures


Brew a cup of Kudzu tea. Follow the package direction because each brand of Kudzu varies in strength. Kudzu is known by the Chinese as “the” alcohol cure. Add honey to taste.

Nux Vomica

Not a pretty name, but apparently a powerful cure. Nux Vomica is taken sublingually, meaning dissolve the tablets under your tongue. Follow the package directions in regard to dosage and frequency.

Drug Store Remedies and Treatments for a Hangover

Intox RX, Hangunder or Hangover Gone along with other pill form remedies. How do they work? Manufacturers pack these powerful pills with necessary vitamins, potassium, salt and simple sugars to get you feeling better.

The Hair of the Dog

Dating back to the sixteenth century, it was thought that if you took a piece of hair from the dog that bit you and laid it over your would toxins would stay away. The saying evolved to include alcohol. Just as laying a dog hair in an open would doesn’t prevent an infection, neither does having a drink of what you were drinking the night previous. In all likelihood you will just become sicker and increase the severity of your hangover symptoms.

Be Prepared

If you plan on having a night of drinking and merriment or crying in your drink – be prepared for the next day. Have some hangover cures and remedies on hand so you don’t have to figure out what to do when you are feeling the effects of a hangover.

Seek Medical Attention

Yea – it all seems like a lot of fun, but sometimes you or a friend can overdo the overdo on alcohol and end up in medical trouble.

Bring a friend or loved one to the emergency room if they lose consciousness, are unresponsive, vomit blood or are way worse than you would ever expect them to be feeling.