That’s right, the third and final Hangover film is set to be released on May 24th. While there was incredible hype for the premiere of the second installment, the movie seemed more of a remake than an original sequel. Similar to the hit comedy Dumb and Dumber, the sequel Dumb and Dumberer seemed curiously similar to the first film. Nevertheless, the Hangover film will be a closing for one of the funniest movie sequels of all time.

This installment has tossed the mishap of bachelor parties aside for an insane road trip. This is positive news that it will not be an exact replica of the first…or the second film for that matter.  Director Todd Phillips hints that the crew is to roam through Los Angeles, Tijuana,  and finally returning to Las Vegas. Yes, the trio is returning to the back to Las Vegas, where the laughter first began. The three manned Wolfpack run into a similar foe in Mr. Chow, who has seemingly unhinged and is more dangerous than ever.

Some returning names include Mike Tyson, and Heather Graham to the treequel; all the while adding in a key antagonist in John Goodman. Without going into too much detail and ruining the story for everyone, John Goodman makes his appearance with a bang, alongside the already disturbed Mr. Chow. The two are bound to make an interesting and comical duo of evil to harass the already prone trio to trouble.

Hangover Part Three: It all endsCredit:

Do Not read any further if you do not plan on watching the trailer!

The trailer has only been recently released, keeping a lot of the hype up in release of the film. The trailer opens with Alan singing with an angelic voice singing Ava Maria. There are also hints of a Mental Institution break-out and a funeral amongst the scenes in the trailer. The funeral is an interesting idea, whether it will be in the beginning or the end of the film is yet to be determined. It could be the final moments of the film tying everything together; or the absolute beginning, where it is claimed that Alan is having a tough time with the passing of his father.


Hangover Part III