Most people have experienced what can only be described as one of the worse feelings ever and that is a hangover. For anyone that has had a few too many drinks, you know what I am talking about. A hangover can manifest itself in several different ways, but the most pronounced is arguably the headache. A hangover headache is an awful pounding sensation in your head as soon as you wake up from the previous night. What makes this symptom worse than others is the fact that is really clouds your mind and your ability to think clearly as your head is killing you. Through my various experiences in life, I have often awakened to one of these headaches and I am here to give some tips about what helps me get rid of it and even a few things that help me prevent one from coming on in full force.

1) Provided that you are not too drunk , take some aspirin before you go to bed. This often mitigates the symptoms the next morning because it will circulate throughout your blood all night.

2) Drink water before you go to bed, at least a bottle. This will help prevent dehydration or at least not let it get too out of control. Dehydration makes my headaches worse most of the time. One downside is you might have to go to the bathroom a lot, but if you are drunk you probably will be getting up anyways to urinate.

3) Eat some food before bed. I recommend something light like pretzels or crackers to help absorb some of the alcohol in your stomach. The less alcohol your body has to process while you sleep, the better off you will be.

4) If you are out all night drinking, do not mix your drinks up. Stay with the same type of liquor or beer because having layers of different types of alcohol never makes for a good morning. And whatever you do, do not mix beer and liquor together.

5) Watch out for sugary mixers for your liquor drinks. Too much soda or juice can cause you to have a wicked headache. I find that sugar amplifies my symptoms because your body has more work to do breaking down those molecules.

Now I practice all of these things if I know I am going to have a few drinks. Most of us do not plan of getting drunk, but it does happen. Hopefully these can be used to make your hangover headache symptoms nonexistent or at least not as bad.