You've just returned from your first encounter with a huge kegger. You thought it was an excellent idea to keep taking drinks from the guy with crazy hair, but it turns out he wasn't doing you any favors. Your older friends had advised you before you went away to college that as long as you dressed right and smiled when you arrived at the keg, you were practically guaranteed to be put at the front of the line for more beer. What they forgot to tell you, however, was that the more of the cheap keg beer you had to drink, the worse you would be feeling the following day. So the actual question -- other than how to drink even more beer -- is how to free yourself from a hangover since you're definitely going to have one.

The most painful hangover I ever experienced was during the winter of 1998. I had just finished a musical with a local musical educational community at seventeen, in which the most gifted yet hedonistic members of the arts community had the opportunity to show off to locals in the biggest production house in the city. A wide range of substances were consumed at the cast after party that weren't appropriate for people no matter how old they were.

Of course, the majority of people in attendance -- including myself -- were too young and inexperienced with alcohol to realize that hangovers are a real problem that can be very painful. They can cause extreme hurt. At least my youth allowed me to feel better a lot more quickly than when on my 25th birthday, I thought drinking seven Long Island Iced Teas was an excellent idea at a bar in Chicago without drinking any water to stay hydrated.

Hindrance is key to stopping hangovers. Dehydration is typically what brings about hangovers. So, the next time you choose to drink heavily from a keg, make sure to drink a minimum of five glasses of water before going to sleep or throughout the night as it goes on. If you do, you'll feel much more recovered the following crack of dawn.